Beautiful Nursing Covers, a Bébé au Lait Review

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I wish I could say that I was one of those breastfeeding moms that can just pull back their shirt get their baby to latch all while walking around or relaxing on a park bench. I’m completely the opposite of that beautiful picture. I have to use both hands sit, hunched over and my arms pointed out like wings! Breastfeeding is not easy for me. So I needed something that would help hide me when I’m all Boobs McGee Look at Me trying to feed my baby (sounds like a new song). Holding a blanket over my shoulder was not working because I couldn’t see what I was doing and it always fell off.

Then I discovered the Bébé au Lait! This was the perfect answer to all of my problems. Not to mention it had added features that won me over from the start. With beautiful patterns to choose from it was the perfect addition to my Modern Baby, Modern Mom series.

The features that I love about the Bébé au Lait:


  • Patented Rigiflex™ Neckline – This flexible material holds the nursing cover away from you and the baby. This allows airflow, and you can maintain eye contact for focused bonding between mother and child. It has a lifetime warranty and can take the wear and tear of washing. Which means it will last through lots of babies!
  •  100% Cotton Terry Pockets – When you are trying to juggle your boobs and your baby in your arms you don’t want your phone, pacifier and nursing pads flying around off your lap. Put them in these handy pockets! Then wipe your baby’s drooly mouth afterward.
  • One Size Fits all – The neck is completely adjustable with a sliding ring system. You can drop it lower or raise it higher.
  • Multiple Uses – When I’m not using it as a nursing cover I use it to shade my Lil’ Peanut by throwing it over her cart seat. You can also use it to shade your baby while you are wearing them. Use it as a blanket after your baby falls asleep at the breast. It’s quite handy.
  • Beautiful Designs – This is what sets Bébé au Lait apart from all the other nursing covers. The modern prints and patterns that they offer.
  • Great for pumping too! I use this in my living room so that I don’t have to carry my pump and all it’s components upstairs with me when my family is over. (I spare my friends the pumping sound, the family can deal!)

The only thing I would change about the cover would be to have a “Plus Sized” version. Since I am bigger and I have to keep my arms all out like a chicken, I sometimes flash a little side back. Good thing my Undercover Mama helps solve that problem! Other than that I love my Bébé au Lait.

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I was provided the Bébé au Lait nursing cover you see here for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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