Encanto Easter Eggs and Best Quotes

Encanto has lots of callbacks and Easter eggs to other Disney movies. Here is a list of Easter eggs, along with some of our favorite quotes.

It’s important to note that a lot of storytelling happens in the translation of the songs, but if you don’t speak Spanish, you are missing a lot. Flip on the subtitles in English to see what you’re missing in the beautiful songs.

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Encanto Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems

One of the best Easter Eggs you might have missed from the very beginning is that Bruno was in the movie posters all along!Encanto Movie Poster Bruno

The butterfly plays a key role in the Madrigal family. You’ll find it hidden throughout the movie, including in the candle, made of yarn on Mirabel’s dress, and also in the visions. One of the other great things about her outfit is that it has a bisexual rainbow on her dress to signify Stephanie Beatriz coming out publicly as bisexual. Her dress also features symbols that match all the other members of her family, signifying that she is what brings them all together.

Exciting Insider Look at How Disney Pixar Easter Eggs are Chosen and Placed

Before the children receive their gifts, they all wear white (with butterfly accents). After they receive their gifts there outfit changes to reflect their gifts. The color of their outfits also symbolizes which family the grandchildren/cousins belong to, so it doesn’t get so confusing that you need a whole song about it.Family Mardrigal Symbols Encanto

Madrigal Family Symbols:

  • Abuela – Butterfly. As I mentioned above, it is the Madrigal family symbol, but it appears on Abuela’s dress.
    • Bruno – Hourglass. Seen on his poncho, but his room door is also shaped like an hourglass with the sand flowing. His color is green, and anything that has to do with his visions is green.
    • Pepa – Sun. The collar around her dress has rays of sunshine, and so do her earrings. There are also hidden Mickey’s cut out of the hem of her dress. Her family wears warm colors (fitting for sunshine) of yellows, orange, and red.
      • Dolores – Sound Waves
      • Camilo – Chameleons.
      • Antonio – Animals.
    • Julieta – Heart. Healing hands, herbs, and a mortar and pestle are all featured on her dress, with each element with a heart on it (healed with love). Her family wears cool colors of blues and purples.
      • Isabela – Flowers.
      • Luisa – Dumbell.
      • Mirabel – All of the symbols. Her glasses are also green, tying back to Bruno’s vision. Mirabel is the family’s Gift. (Note: At the end of the movie when Mirabel brings back the magic of the house, the front door shows Mirabel in the middle and the Butterfly is no longer on Abuela and now on Mirabel to symbolize the Miracle being passed down to Mirabel.)

If you look at the lyrics in “Waiting on a Miracle,” you’ll see that Mirabel confesses her willingness to change the way the family has been run under Abuela. The house only starts to crack after she sings this song. Mirabel has let the miracle know that she is ready to step into Abuela’s role as the head of the house because she can make it better for the family and the town.

I would heal what’s broken
Show this family something new
Who I am inside, so what can I do?
I’m sick of waiting on a miracle, so here I go
I am ready, come on, I’m ready
I’ve been patient, and steadfast, and steady
Bless me now as you blessed us all those years ago
When you gave us a miracle.

Encanto Mirabel Inherits the Magic from Abuela

The nursery where Mirabel shares a room with Antonio until he gets his Gift is filled with pictures of their family. There is a sewing machine and sketches of the dress she is wearing. This showcases how Mirabel made her clothing unique to include the whole family.Mirabel Dress

Disney is starting to throw in Easter eggs from other studios like Pixar, which makes some of these hidden gems so good.

There is some fun Hidden Mickey’s in the sparkling lights during Waiting for a Miracle.Encanto Hidden Mickey

During Surface Pressure, there are a lot of hidden gems. The first is the way the donkeys become part of the song, like the reindeer from Frozen 2 during Lost in the Woods.Frazen 2 Reindeer Encanto Easter Egg

Then Luisa talks about the Titanic, you can see the donkeys playing on the deck as they do in the movie before the ship sinks. “Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.” Titanic Encanto Donkeys

Luisa also mentions Hercules battling Cerberus. The donkeys are the cheering crowd for this one. Hercules Encanto Easter Egg

The row of doors looks like the ones you find in Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. Doors EncantoWhen the family sings We don’t talk about Bruno, Bruno is seen sneaking around in the background.Bruno Encanto Easter Egg

In Bruno’s room on the wall, he has famous art on the wall, but the rats replace the main subject like Leanardo de Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. You can also see a boot with a plant in it from Wall-E.Wall-e Boot Encanto Easter Egg

When Bruno starts singing in All of You, he says, “Let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, LET IT GO!” Which is a fantastic nod to Frozen, and they even use a second of the music in the song. Encanto Let It Go

Last but not least, the upcoming movie Strange World got an Easter egg at the end of the credits!

Strange World Encanto Easter Egg

Disney’s Frozen Easter Eggs & Hidden Gems

Nods to Colombia

Some of the symbols I mentioned above are also very important to Colombia. Colombia has the most butterflies in the world. The cattleya trianae orchid, commonly known as “May flower” or “Flor de Mayo,” has been the national flower of Colombia since 1936. The flower is grown in the home, it is featured on a broach on Isabela’s collar, in her hair, and she even sings about it in What Else Can I Do?

In Dos Oruguitas (Two Caterpillars in English), it tells the story of how Abuela met her husband, started a family, and came to the encanto with the miracle. The song begins with the yellow butterfly, and it also showcases the metamorphosis and transformation of the family. Again, I highly suggest you watch the movie with English subtitles so you can see the translations of these amazing songs.

Animals native to Colombia appear in Antonio’s room like tapirs, sword-billed hummingbirds, jaguar, capybara, coati, and more.

Encanto Hidden Gem Bruno Movie Poster

Best Quotes from Encanto

Little Boy: Just tell us what everyone can do!

Mirabel: And that’s why coffee is for grown-ups.


Delivery Guy: Mirabel! Delivery! I gave you the special since you’re the only Madrigal kid with no Gift. I call it the “Not Special Special’ since you, uh, have no Gift.

Mirabel: Thanks.

Delivery Guy: And tell Antonio good luck. The last Gift ceremony was a bummer. Last one being yours that did not work.

Mirabel: Uh-Huh.

Little Girl: If I was you, I’d be really sad.

Mirabel: Well, my little friend, I am not. Because the truth is, Gift or no Gift, I am just as special as the rest of my family.

Little Boy: Maybe your Gift is being in denial.


Antonio: I wish you could have a door.

Mirabel: You know what? You don’t have to worry about me, ’cause I have an amazing family and an amazing house. , And an amazing you. And seeing you get your special Gift and your door, that’s gonna make me way more happy than anything.


Colombia, Mi Encanto Song Lyrics:

Colombia I love you so much. May you keep blessing your enchantment.


Mirabel: I can’t

Antonio: I need you.

Mirabel: Come on, let’s get you to your door.


Antonio opens the door and everyone comes in.

Little girl: It’s bigger on the inside!? (This is a nod to Doctor Who because everyone says that when they enter the Tardis)


Julieta: I wish you could see yourself the way I do. You are perfect just like this. You’re just as special as anyone else in this family.

Mirabel: Mmm-hmmmm. You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso.

Julieta: I healed your hand with my love for my daughter with her wonderful brain and big heart, cool glasses…


Mirabel: I will save the miracle. Wait how do I save a miracle!?


Dolores: The only one worried about the magic is you, and the rats talking in the walls. Oh, and Luisa, I heard her eye was twitching all night.


Luisa: Move, you’re going to make me drop a donkey.


Mirabel: Oh Hello, Lot of stairs, but at least I’ll have a friend. No. He flew away immediately. (Bird flies away when he gets scared at the top) QUITTER!

Toucan Encanto

Mirabel: Wait. Have you been in here patching the cracks?

Bruno: Oh that? No, no, no. I’m too scared to go near those things. All the patching’s are done by Hernando.

Mirabel: Who is Hernando?

Bruno (with hood): I’m Hernando, I’m scared of nothing! (takes off hood) It’s actually me. I used to say my real Gift was “acting.” (bucket on head) I’m Jorge, I make the spackle.

Mirabel: How long have you been back here?


Mirabel: You can’t say the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The End. If our fate’s up to me, me says have another vision.


Mirabel: Sometimes family weirdos just get a bad rep. You can do this.


Bruno: You see, you’re missing the point. The fate of the family is not up to her. It’s up to you. You’re exactly what this family needs. You just have to see it. By yourself, after I leave.


Bruno: Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock on wood.


Bonus Features Available for Encanto*

·      Sing Along with the Movie – Sing along with your favorite songs with on-screen lyrics as you watch the movie.

·      Familia Lo Es Todo – Members of the Disney Animation “Familia” cultural trust share real-life experiences in this exploration of the lovable Madrigal family members. We learn what inspired each character, and about how the artists’ designs bring realism to their personalities.

·      Discover Colombia – The filmmaking team discusses how the multiple cultures, biodiversity and vibrant colors of Colombia are expressed in Encanto. They describe how satisfying it was to fully celebrate this beautiful country and support the theme of magical realism.

·      A Journey Through Music – The filmmakers invite us to discover how each character came to be represented musically. We follow the creation of Encanto’s Colombian-inspired music, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda’s songs and Germaine Franco’s score, from concept to final recording.

·      Let’s Talk About Bruno – Learn how the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” with its intriguing undertones, was created. Discover the extensive collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda, choreographer Jamal Sims, the voice cast and animators in bringing it to the screen.

·      Our Casita – La Casa Madrigal is alive with magic, and its emotional state is affected by other family members. From its colorful doors to its fine stonework, the magical house was designed using principles of Colombian tradition.

·      Outtakes – From the thrill of “nailing” a take in the presence of an entertainment industry icon to the hilarity of losing a wrestling match with tongue-twisting dialogue, join the cast for some good-natured fun from behind the microphone.

·      Journey to Colombia – With the help of the Colombian Cultural Trust, a dedicated team of consultants, the filmmakers of Encanto embark on a journey of discovery to learn more about Colombia and how best to reflect the country’s cultures and environments on the big screen.

·      An Introduction to Far From the Tree – Writer and director Natalie Nourigat introduces the Walt Disney Animation Studios short film Far From the Tree.

·      Far From the Tree – Parenting is hard, especially when curiosity tugs at a young raccoon whose parent tries to keep them both safe. In the Walt Disney Animation Studios short Far From the Tree, this youngster learns to live with an open heart… even as danger lurks.

·      Deleted Scenes

  • Introduction – Heads of Story Jason Hand and Nancy Kruse present four scenes not seen in the film’s release, but were part of the journey toward the final version of the story.
  • Chores! – Abuela has sent most of the family to town on various assignments that bring them acclaim, while Mirabel, her father and uncle are asked to clean the house.
  • Another Way In – Mirabel attempts to understand a clue found in her uncle’s vision. To make this happen, she must go through Antonio’s room, where adventures unfold.
  • Isabela Goes Into the Woods – When Mirabel sees her sister head for apparent danger in the woods, she races to save her, and encounters the surprise of a lifetime!
  • Back to the Mural – Feeling rejected, Mirabel goes back to town. Abuela seeks her out and reveals a part of her personality that her granddaughter has never seen.

·      Song Selection – Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics.

  • The Family Madrigal
  • Colombia, Mi Encanto
  • Waiting on a Miracle
  • Surface Pressure
  • We Don’t Talk About Bruno
  • What Else Can I Do
  • Dos Oruguitas
  • All of You

*bonus features vary by product and retailer



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  1. There are several Frozen and Frozen 2 easter eggs you missed!

    1) After Louisa breaks the iceberg, and before the doors, you see Louisa and Mirabel riding on a piece of ice very reminiscent to Elsa in the Dark Sea while she is trying to get to Ahtohallan in Frozen 2.

    2) During Waiting on A Miracle Mirabel stomps her food on the ground in the middle of the floor similar to what Elsa does in BOTH Frozen Movies to initiate various transformations/creations. (Ice Palace, Ice Rink in the Palace courtyard, Dress Transformation).

    3) During What Else Can I Do? Isabela uses her powers to cause a statue representing something she doesn’t like (her ‘perfection’) like what Elsa does in Ahtohallan when she crumbles the statue of Hans.

    • Those are great nods to the movie, but I don’t consider those Easter eggs in the same sense as a visual aspect of the movie making it into another movie. I was actually hesitant to include the donkeys mirroring the reindeer from Frozen.


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