Entering into the World of Cloth Diapering

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I’ve been buying cloth diapers now for a few months. One type here, another there. But we have yet to use them because I had so many earth friendly disposables sent to me that we just hadn’t tried them yet. I’ve got everything washed and ready. We’ve just been waiting.

Well I only have a handful of Disposables left so the time has now come. To make the switch, and dear lord I’m scared! I have been reading lots and I still feel completely unprepared. So I’m going to start reviewing my journey of Cloth Diapering our little peanut. From the different brands I’ve discovered and tips and tricks that I learn along the way.

Wish me luck…and leave me your suggestions, pretty please!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Kudos to you!! I’m due in August and want to go cloth at least part time (I’m planning on eco-disposables at night… at least for now to ease the anxiety!). I too, feel overwhelmed & unprepared… it just seems so complicated!! I know it can’t be too bad…but it is really intimidating!

    Where have you picked up your CDs? Any sites you recommend?

    • I use gDiapers also (Flushable and Compostable) I’ve been collecting one or two here and there but I’m about to start reviewing them on here! Stay tuned!


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