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Welcome to this week’s S.T.E.A.M. Saturday! Today we are sharing some fun new books that we received from Disney. They explore music, which falls into the Arts category of our S.T.E.A.M. exploration. My girls LOVE music and we had a fun surprise fall into our yard during Hurricane Irma this past month. A giant piece of bamboo fell from the neighbor’s yard so we decided to turn it into some drums and play with the sounds that it made. 

My husband cut the big pieces of the bamboo into smaller drum sizes that vary in length so that they sound different. We hit them together, used sticks to beat them, and also our hands. It was fun to experiment with them. Especially since we were just looking at the Moana: The Beat of Your Heart.

The Moana book is my favorite of the three. It has a lot of in-depth learning of the beat and making your own instruments that you would expect to play on the islands. 

Check out our video of all of the books and see the girls playing the bamboo drums! 

The Mickey’s Found Sounds book is an intro level learning to music and making instruments at home. It has more storyline in it and the instructions are very easy to follow. While the Tangled: It’s Better When You Sing It book is all about singing which my oldest loves to do. If you have a little one that loves to sing you should check out this great collection of Disney Learning books

What are some of the ways that you make music at home with your family? 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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