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On day two of our trip, we had lots to see. After stuffing our faces at the Inn at Christmas Place, we checked out and headed to the castle next door. A place called MagiQuest. MagiQuest is an interactive live-action, role-playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the mysteries of the game. They also had a Mirror maze inside which Hubby and I had to get out of quick because we got so dizzy and turned around it was a mess. We also played a round of Pirate golf because now our challenge was on for him to beat me this weekend. The Pirate golf was completely indoors, and it was under black lights, so it was fun to be out of the heat for a little while. I actually got a hole in one on the last hole, so I won a free round at another Miniature Golf course. Let the Mini-Golf Masters begin. The MagiQuest game itself was a little out of my realm but the kids I saw playing it were having a blast! They got to choose their own wands before heading upstairs to this lifelike video game.

After leaving MagiQuest, we drove to the one place I see the most pictures of online and by friends, causing me to do a double-take! The WonderWorks building. A house that looks like it fell on top of another house. When you walk into WonderWorks its sounds like the building is creaking and shifting. With fog mist coming up from the ground you walk into the lobby and look up to see an upside-down staircase and metal beams sticking out. The museum is centered around science. My favorite subject. So there is no lack of cool things to see, learn, and touch. From feeling what’s it’s like to be in an earthquake to holding on for dear life in hurricane-force winds. Pulling yourself high in the sky with a pulley or Cycling in circles to the ceiling. Your kids will have so much fun trying everything out. Trying to throw the fastest pitch or landing the space shuttle. Which I almost had until the last second! Hubby and I had fun dancing in front of the light wall and making our images all distorted on the big TV. This is a must if you are in town with kids. Heck, we didn’t have our little one, and we had a blast!

After we got done playing in WonderWorks, we headed to the other end of Pigeon Forge to grab lunch and do some shopping. The best place in town to escape is The Old Mill Square. Located at traffic light 7. It’s filled with great shops and restaurants. It’s like stepping into a small off the beaten path. We had a delightful lunch at the Old Mill Pottery House Café and Grill. They even make their own plates cups and salt and pepper shakers. After lunch, we took a nice stroll through the area and grabbed our little JaMonkey a book to bring home with us. Browsing the beautiful pottery and treasures.

By this time it was time to check in to our next hotel. The Music Road Hotel. Located on the river that flows straight through Pigeon Forge with its own rocking chair porch overlooking it. They put us on the Mountain Side so we could enjoy the view under us and across the horizon. Music Road Hotel has one of the best hotel pools I’ve ever seen. You literally could spend hours just at the hotel playing. First, they have a game room with plenty of air hockey action happening. Moving past that you’ll find the indoor swimming pool and hot tub. Head outside for what looks like a mini water park complete with a Lazy river, Water slide, and mushroom waterfall. The kids I saw were having a blast out there. I took the more relaxing route and headed for the hot tube to unwind and relax.

With a big breakfast in our bellies, we headed to the one place I couldn’t miss in this town. Dollywood. We decided to go early and “beat the crowds” but on a weekend like memorial day weekend that’s nearly impossible. So I did the next smart thing and grabbed a Q2Q pager for the day. Paying the fee is completely worth it because you literally can see the whole park in half the time as you would waiting in the long lines under the hot sun. My husband and I got there early so that it wasn’t during the heat of the day. Having the Q2Q system allowed us to walk straight to the ride and get right on. We made it through the whole park in about 2 hours. That includes eating lunch and shopping at some of the great shops. Dollywood is built into the side of a mountain. We really had a great time. I don’t think I’ve heard my husband scream like that ever before. It was great.

Not as great as the look on his face when I spotted the Smoky Mountain Brewery though. We stopped in to grab a drink before hitting the other great shops in the Waldren’s Landing plaza. One of them being Firehouse Golf. We went for another round, and my husband finally beat me. I may have let him win, but we won’t tell him that. After a good game, we headed back to the Smoky Mountain Brewery to enjoy the live music and a bite to eat. After sampling seven different brews, he settled into his favorite. Finding a place that my husband would like was a challenge, it normally is so I was really happy about finding the Brew Pub.

After a wonderful evening of fun, we went back to the Music Road Hotel to enjoy a nice dip in the hot tub. Did I mention that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary on this trip? A romantic trip of acting like a kid without having to worry about the kid. We brought out the fun side of ourselves and reconnected. It was great having all this time just to do whatever we wanted to. No worries. Pigeon Forge was the best place for this.

So if you are looking for a great family vacation, girls weekend, or fun time with your significant other, You should add Pigeon Forge to your list of places to see.


The tourism department of Pigeon Forge asked me to visit their lovely town to write this review.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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