Fantastic New Toy | Polly Pocket Hangout House Review

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We don’t get a lot of toys during the year unless it’s a birthday or Christmas time. I also have been very disappointed with the selection of toys in some cases. Some of them are just a waste of money and resources. But I’ve been a fan of Polly Pocket since I was a child. It was one of my favorite toys. I had the mansion, the castle, the house, the one that looked like a star and a heart! I couldn’t get enough of Polly Pocket! I’ll admit when they changed them I was slightly disappointed but my daughter wasn’t old enough to try them yet so I wasn’t aware of how great they were.

Polly Pocket in the ’90s

Polly got bigger! She isn’t the size of your fingernail anymore. But she is still small enough to fit in your pocket. Of a kid-sized purse to take with you.

Now my daughter loves little dolls and their little house but the temper of a 4-year-old is tested when the house keeps falling over and all the pieces go everywhere. She has to set them all backup and by the time she’s done this three times, the thing has been thrown across the room in a million pieces. I understand her frustration completely I’d quit playing with it too if nothing stayed put.

But what makes this Hangout House collection so amazing are the little suction cups on EVERYTHING in the house. The pets, furniture, food, and decorations all have little suction cups! The dolls have special shoes also so you can add the Polly Pockets that you already have. Now, these aren’t the suction cups you find in the bathroom that take two hands and feet on the wall to get it off just tiny little ones that do their job of keeping everything in its place. My daughter had no trouble getting them off. 

The Hangout House and Stick n Play Room Assortment seem a little thin though. It just seemed like it would stand better if it had a wider base. But with that said it is a Polly Pocket, they were designed to be smaller and kids have so many big bulky toys that it’s hard to find a place for them. This could fit nicely on a bookshelf. So the fact that it falls over easily is outweighed by the “taking up space” factor and the suction cups fix any anger towards it falling!

With all of that said my daughter is SO in love with this thing. She played all day with it. The only scream I heard was because she had taken her shoes off and was having trouble getting them back on which was a simple fix. After I showed her how she became a pro. She just didn’t want her shoes to get wet when they were playing in the little swimming pool.

Polly’s stuff is modern and fun colored. With her size and now these handy little suction cups Polly Pocket becomes even more portable. I recently bought these cute little Hello Kitty tins that are a little bigger than an Altoid tin. I remember seeing it in a magazine or on Pinterest that you could put little toys in them and keep them in the car for long car rides or in your purse for Dinner boredom. So we tested out our new Polly Pockets out in the little tins and they fit perfectly! We can put a little chair in there, one of the girls and a pet! So we now have a great little set to bring along with us. Plus she can stick them on the tins or a dinner table so they don’t get lost on the go. BRILLIANT!

Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset at Amazon


Check out the video we did so you can see the Polly Pocket Hangout House and Stick n Play Room Assortment in action. You’ll see how easy it is to get the suction cups off and how strong they are.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product sample and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. My oldest loved Polly Pockets, and as soon as Natalee is old enough we’ll pass them down to her!
    I like that everything is small enough(for the most part) to store in a large “under the bed” box. They have changed over the years, but I think the changes for the most part have been for the better!

  2. My kids love those mini-princess things, so I bet they would love on the other hand, I’d probably go crazy!

    I like that they clothes aren’t impossible to put on.

    • I’m with you on that. My daughter has every one of those little princess ones and those dresses are REALLY hard for me and her to get on. These are just a simple skirt an the rest it painted on!

  3. I remember my sister was maybe turning 3 or 4 and I was a bit older. I cried and cried because she got the coolest polly pockets for her birthday lol.


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