‘Finding You’ Review: Irish Charm

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“Finding You” offers heart and Irish charm about a talented young violinist trying to recover from the loss of her brother. You could lose the love story completely and still have a wonderful film about a musician trying to find passion and purpose that shines through in her playing.

Writer and director, Brian Baugh adapted Jenny B. Jones’ beloved YA novel “There You’ll Find Me.” It follows Finley, played by Rose Reid, as she auditions for a prestigious music school. When she doesn’t get into the school because her performance lacks heart and soul, she enrolls in a study abroad program in Ireland.

“It blends together so many different characters and story arcs. A girl who loves the violin, a movie star looking for meaning, a movie within a movie, life in New York and, of course, Ireland.”

Brian Baugh

Finley gets a seat upgrade to first class on the trip to Ireland, where she sits next to Beckett Rush, played by Jedidiah Goodacre. She is hosted by the same family that hosted her brother a few years earlier before passing away. Her host family runs a B&B that Beckett is staying at while filming his next movie.

During Finely’s time in Ireland she is paired with an elderly patient at a nursing home for a school project. The woman is bitter and rumors around town say that she stole her sisters love interest. Finley discovers that isn’t the truth and helps to reunite the woman with her sister before she passes.

While the film’s love story is weak, focusing on how hard a man in show business most of his life has it when it comes to appearances (insert eye roll), Finely’s growth with Beckett makes the relationship redeemable. Beckett breaks Finely out of her skin to see the bigger picture of the people around her, including the elderly woman and a talented fiddle player.

Finely’s growth in the film is what makes it charming.

Finding You

Meghan Cooper

While studying abroad in Ireland, accomplished young musician Finley (Rose Reid) meets heartthrob movie star Beckett (Jedidiah Goodacre) shooting his latest medieval fantasy blockbuster. Sparks fly between the unlikely couple who inspire each other to find the strength to be true to themselves. But when forces surrounding Beckett’s stardom threaten to crush their dreams,
Finley must decide what she is willing to risk for love.


“Find You” is a story about a stiff violinist that takes a semester abroad in Ireland. You could throw out the entire love interest and focus on Finley discovering herself while helping a woman make peace with her sister before she dies, and this story would be perfect. I feel like Jedidiah Goodacre will always be the creep from Descendants. I’m a sucker for my Irish roots, so I enjoyed seeing Ireland and the kind people that live there.


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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