First Big Test of the Year

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IMG_6573.JPGSchool has been going great for me since I returned. I’m quite proud of myself, despite the fact that I took the fall semester off after becoming overwhelmed with the kids at home with me. It is rough going from no school to a few classes on campus, to only online learning. Online classes are far harder than in-class sessions. Something I wasn’t mentally prepared for because I had never taken an online class before. 

It’s also harder to do anything when you’re running two blogs and have two munchkins home during summer break. My poor 7-year-old was getting bored out of her mind with cabin fever so I spent all day finding fun this for us to do and I would try to get homework and writing assignments finished when they went to bed or my husband came home. Needless to say, I was getting more homework done than writing so I fell behind or was waiting for the deadline to get things done. I took the fall semester off to catch up on work and I’m glad I did. 

I’m back at school again this semester and I ended up with two really great professors that give us lots of time to get our work done. Far less chaotic than the summer semester. It’s a big day tomorrow for me because it is my first exam of the new year. So I’ve prepped my kids to get out the door in a timely manner and give myself plenty of time to look over my notes and get one last study session in before I have to sit down and take it. When you prepare the night before a big day, you set yourself up to have a better tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, you can set your child’s clothes out for them so that there is nothing to fight about in the morning. Let them help pick out the outfits so that you know it’s something that fits and they like. 101931068.jpg.rendition.largest

I participated in a campaign with The Motherhood and Kelloggs. 

We are a cereal loving family so I always make sure it has whole grains and protein to sustain us until lunchtime. The kids wake up so early that they can be really hungry by the time lunch rolls around and when there is no snack time during school, it’s really important. I can be worthless in the morning before I get coffee in me, so I enjoy our morning breakfast chats over a bowl of cereal. I’m not running around getting school notebooks signed and papers filled out because I did everything the night before. IMG_6572.PNG





Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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