First Day of Preschool and 3rd Grade

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I’m normally the mom jumping up and down for the 1st day of school. But not this year. This year my youngest child is heading to school, and I have to deal with the silence around my house. No little Squish to pop onto my lap for snuggles just because. No imagination play between the girls and their dolls. A PreschoolThis little Squish was so excited about going off to Preschool. One of her teachers has actually been her teacher before during her time in the drop in program when she was little. This kid never showed a single sign of being nervous. During her meet and greet, she walked right into the classroom and never looked back. The same was true when I dropped her off on the first day also. Bixbee Cat BackpackShe got a brand new Bixbee Cat Backpack to take to school. It’s the perfect size for little ones because it keeps any weight on the part of the back that it is supposed to be on. It also has a horizontal design for easy storage. It was funny letting her pick the one she wanted. She wanted the Dinosaur one, but her sister said something and decided to go with the pink cat instead. I was rooting for the Dinosaur one because the thought of seeing her rock a scary backpack would have been hilarious. 


She even got a new pair of shoes for school that she picked out by herself. She went straight for the sparkly Minnie Mouse shoes that light up of course. It was quite comical. While we were walking through the store she stops and goes, “Oh my gosh Mommy, look at these sparkly Minnie Mouse shoes. They are so adorable!” I couldn’t stop laughing. Not just because of her comment but also because my husband has a daughter that LOVES shoes. SONY DSCJaMonkey went off the 3rd grade this year. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. Her answer about what she wants to be when she grows up didn’t really surprise me that much. She’s been dressing up her sister for Fashion Shows all summer long. I should dig up some episodes of Project Runway for her to watch. She’s recently become a fan of America’s Got Talent; I think she would like seeing all the challenges. S 3rd GradeI wish they would slow down so I can enjoy them longer. There were tears for sure when I dropped the little one off. It’s the last, ‘First day of preschool’ I’ll have. The only upside to them being in school is that I’ll get more school and work done. This year I’ll be taking on a full school load so wish me luck. I’m ready to get into the nitty gritty of my major courses and start learning about the things I want to do each day. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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