Flip Hybrid Diaper System Review

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DisclosureWe’ve been cloth diapering our little Peanut since we brought her home.  So we’ve settled into one we like at this point. But, MomSelect sent us the great Flip Hybrid Diaper System to try out. We use a similar product in the house now so I was anxious to try them out. 

What I’m going to be talking about are the Flip covers, cloth inserts and the disposable inserts as well. What makes this system Hybrid is the option to use cloth or disposable inserts in the diaper cover. 

Flip Hybrid Diaper System

The first thing I want to point out on the Flip Hybrid Diapering System is the cover itself. It’s more of a shell really. Unlike the common cloth diapering style of pockets this diaper only has small pockets at the front and the back of the diaper that the inserts tuck into leaving the insert exposed in the middle. Also pictured below is the cloth insert that sits inside the cover. You can see there are words to show what size the insert is. To use it as a small, you simply fold it over and then place it in the cover. I prefer to use the cloth insert because it’s super absorbent and larger than the disposable insert.Flip Hybrid Diaper System

The disposable insert, pictured below, is much thiner in the width and absorbency. Also designed to be folded to fit the size you need. I wasn’t a big fan of these inserts because the absorbent section is too small. The sides are nearly 2 inches of the gauze only leaving a few inches to catch everything your baby dishes out. Which it didn’t. When you put the insert in, it naturally scrunches up in the middle  making this area even smaller. Flip Hybrid Diaper System

Flip diapers are supposed to be easy to use and reuse more than regular cloth diapers. You can simply replace the insert instead of putting the entire diaper in the wash. Making it great for parents on the go or traveling. When cloth diapering becomes difficult to manage. But if the inserts are too small it isn’t catching what it needs to and your replacing the diaper at every change. So if the disposable insert was bigger I think it would be perfect. Flip Hybrid Diaper System

The diaper cover is sturdy and well built. I’ve always been happy with the Cotton Babies brand. The tabs have places to rest so they don’t snag other things in the washing machine. Very strong too. It also comes in a snap closure also. Which I prefer to Velcro just because they last much longer. Parents also have the option to select an organic cotton insert also. Having 3 different inserts give parents a great choice and what works best for their baby. Flip Hybrid Diaper System

The Flip covers and the Stay-dry inserts (3) are $14.95. The disposable inserts (18) are $5.95. There are other insert options also available. Find out more about the Flip Hybrid Diaper System online. You save so much money cloth diapering and keep TONS of toxic chemicals away from your babies bottom and landfills. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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