Fright by Night at Six Flags

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Fright by Night Lineup

Face your fears at our horrifying haunted walk-throughs
•  Navigate through dark mazes

•  Escape zombies, demons, and spirits

•  Additional fee for some attractions

After dark at Fright Fest, presented by Snickers®, you can really get a good scream. This year’s Fright by Night lineup includes five free themed scare zones and six terrifying haunted attractions. Can you survive the killer zombies, evil demons, and dark spirits that have taken over the park?
If you’re brave enough, you can walk through terrifying trails, hair-raising haunted houses, maniacal mazes, and spine-tingling scare zones that are crawling with freaky characters and surprises around every turn. Here are some of the chilling Fright by Night attractions you can experience this year. Please remember there is an additional fee for some attractions.

Terror Trail – Backwoods Bloodshed – New! – Additional Fee.
This abandoned Lumber Yard is inhabited by possessed cannibals. These human-eaters hide out in the dark shadows, cackling and shrieking under the moonlight. Wander through the eerie outskirts of Bloodtown, but watch out for the ghastly eyes glowing in the darkness that are waiting to sneak out and tear off your flesh for their next meal.

Asylum, presented by Twix® – New! – Additional Fee.
This medical clinic and mental institution is filled with vengeful patients ready to strike. As you wander the crazed zone, you may cross paths with devilish doctors, disfigured nurses, insane patients, and demented guards that live in your nightmares. These psychiatric lunatics are sure to make you lose your sanity—and possibly your life.

Kill Island – New! – Additional Fee.
You may think it’s a safe haven, but think again. Once you seek refuge in the island, beware of the forces of evil that take over. You’ll encounter lost souls, vengeful victims, and crazed monsters who sacrifice new visitors and fight their way to stay alive. Keep your head down because a bloody battle could occur at any moment.

Monster Graveyard – New! – Free.
Travel through this haunted graveyard as you explore dirty tombstones, scratched coffins, empty graves, and other cemetery horrors, headed by the undead monsters themselves. Frankenstein, The Wolfman, and The Mummy have risen from their burials and creep around the dark graveyard, ready to put unsuspecting trespassers in the ground.

Mummy’s Tomb – New! – Free.
This ancient civilization has been overthrown by deadly spirits. The sacred temple ruins are protected by its devilish mummies, who do everything they can to defend the area from intruders. Make your way through the terror zone quickly, before the Pharaoh curses you and traps you in the tomb forever.

Dracula’s Lair – New! – Free.
This cave has been overthrown by Dracula and his crew of evil vampires. They lurk around in the darkness and terrorize visitors. Venture through the area while escaping the thirsty vampires, whose sharp fangs are hoping to puncture your neck and drain your blood.

Freak Show, presented by Snickers® – New! – Free.
Prepare for the most grotesque creatures you’ve ever seen. These sideshow performers have wandered into the Cotton States/Metropolis area of the park to haunt your nightmares. They’ll make your eyes bleed with their unnatural talents and death-defying oddities, including sword swallowing, fire juggling, and pinning nails through the nose.

Zombie Quarantine – New! – Free.
Doctors and Hazmat Units roam the British Arbor area to help minimize the spread of fatal contamination. However, when night falls, the infectious brain-sucking monsters come to life, searching for new victims to haunt and terrorize.

Dr. Fright’s Frightorium, presented by the new FOX show, Sleepy Hollow – Additional Fee.
The deranged scientist Dr. Fright is looking for his next experiment. Travel the corridors of this terror house and you’ll find hallways smothered in blood, choppers clogged with human flesh, rotten bones tossed around the factory, and the murderous scientists who are ready to make you their next mysterious test subject.

The Last Ride, presented by Dove® Chocolate – Additional Fee.
This simulated experience takes you six feet underground to glimpse into your afterlife. Brave victims will understand what it’s like to be buried alive as you sink into the silence underground. You’ll have a wild ride as your casket shakes and rocks to a shrieking soundtrack. You’ll have to crawl, scratch, and scream your way out of your grave as our ghouls cackle under the moonlight.

Terror Train, presented by göt2b – Additional Fee.
Take an unforgettable train ride to the abandoned outskirts of Bloodtown. This old desolated railroad city was once the site of several tragic incidents, and is still haunted by the ghosts of the murderous family. Discover the horrors, encounter mysterious surprises, and meet the ghoulish clan face-to-face.

Purchase a Haunt Pass to receive unlimited access to our haunted attractions. Which is your favorite haunted attraction?

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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