Fun Activities and Crafts for Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Fun Activities and Crafts for Talk Like a Pirate DayAhoy, Matey! Did ye hear the news? September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! This Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’ve teamed up with Pirate’s Booty, the gluten-free baked rice and corn puff snack, to set sail on a day filled with adventure with your little pirates.

My kids love Pirate’s Booty, they’re always begging me for it in the store. I love that it is baked, not fried and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It also has 0 grams trans-fat per serving and is certified gluten free. 

I got to speak with Billy Bones (David Engel), the head pirate at My Pirate School and ask him some questions about preparing for Talk Like a Pirate Day. During Pirate School! the bumbling professor Billy Bones teaches youngsters how to be good pirates with zany lessons on how to stand, talk, sing and laugh like Buccaneers; cannons boom, skulls talk, cutlasses drop and pets run amok. Here are some of the things I asked.

For Talk Like a Pirate Day, what are the key pirate phrases and lingo for children to learn and use on Sept. 19th?

Engel- The classic ones are, Shiver me timbers! But I like to break out the advanced lessons on Talk Like a Pirate day, you start with an exclamation like, Eh gad or yo-ho. Then get into the fun ones like, You scurvy dog. 

Why do you feel it is important for children to learn how to be good pirates?

Engel – The most important thing is that we are all in this crew together, and life is a long ocean voyage. It’s important that curiosity and teamwork are the real treasures in life. It’s the golden rule in plundering. Pirate School likes to send children away swaggering together because we are too distracted these days.

I’ve compiled some activities and crafts that you can do with your little Pirate’s to make it the best Talk Like a Pirate day ever!

Pirate Games

Sea Sick Spin: The object of game is to race against time and dizziness. Two teams line up in parallel lines and sit at a start/finish line. Count out twenty or so paces and place two items (examples: a whiffle bat, an orange cone, cut down pool noodles, etc) at the far end. Each runner will hold on to the top of the object with their hand, place their forehead down on the back of their hand and then spin around it, bent over at waist, three full times and attempt to run back to line. Dizziness or “Sea Sickness” makes for a challenging and hilarious game, where the runner must tap the hand of the next runner. All kids take turns until the last participant makes it back to line. The first team to get everyone across the line wins! 

Pass the Squid: A silly sea-faring version of “Hot Potato” using marine life plush toys. (squid, fish, shark, etc.)
Photo Sep 16, 3 16 05 PM
Pirate Tunnel Crawl: (devised by David Engel) A pirate party favorite since the original tunnel was dug on Treasure Island: Have yer entire crew line up, facing the back of the mate in front of them. Assume the “Pirate Position” with their feet spread shoulder width apart, head held high, hands upon their hips. Voila! The Treasure Tunnel is formed between the groups spread feet!
Starting at the back of the “tunnel” each kid will slither like a snake, on their bellies, through the entire length of the “tunnel.” Upon exiting the “tunnel” each lil pirate assumes their “Pirate Position,” legs akimbo, standing firm, recycling themselves by allowing the next friend to exit. The tunnel grows, each child has a turn shimmying through, until the last child appears back at the entrance. Let the last child go round again for their final triumphant turn! Look out for the ‘spiders’ as all mates lower their hands and tickle the last child as he/she make the last pass.

Pi-Pi-Pirate: A jaunty pirate version of “Duck, Duck, Goose!” Winner gets Pirate’s Booty.

Freeze Jig: A piratical version of “Freeze Dance” with participants attempting their best version of old time dancing to fun pirate music easily found on-line.

Pirate Crafts

Treasure Box
Decorate a Treasure Box: Let your crafty nature get the best of ye! Provide washable markers, crayons, rhinestones, magazine clippings, stickers, plastic jewels, feathers, marine life figurines, Pirate’s Booty etc., with school glue or paste. Give each little rogue a plain cardboard box (I love paper mache boxes) or mini-paper treasure chest and step back to observe the magic! A great craft at the start of the “Best Pirate Party Ever!” and a smart solution to fill up with favors, coins, or other giveaways as a treasured take-home favor. Pun intended! My little one loves her treasure box. She puts all of her favorite things in it and keeps in in her room. 

Fairy Houses
via 365 Atlanta Traveler

Make a Fairy House: It’s commonly known that only kids, pirates, and Peter Pan can see fairies. This charming game (devised by David Engel) allows the kids a quiet moment during a party to connect to their imaginations and to Nature. The “Lore” is that if Fairies, Wood Nymphs and Gnomes are given a safe, quiet place to relax in, they may just invisibly inhabit a child’s backyard, or room guarding it for eternity. Prompted by an adult, children are to create little rooms or houses out of easily found objects; i.e., fallen leaves, acorn tops, pebbles, twigs (or if indoors; paper, paper clips, buttons, pennies, etc.). They then build these “Fairy Huts” at the base of a nearby tree or on a corner. Next time you’re on a hike, gather cool things you find in the woods!

Pirate Galleon, Hat, and Sword crafts: Check out these cute Pirate Crafts from Craftulate.

Pirate Crafts

Wine Cork Mini Rafts from Our Little House in the Country

Wine Cork Mini Rafts

Make a Parrot from I Heart Crafty Things

Make a Parrot Craft


Have lots of fun for Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

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