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Food Huggers sent me the following set to review, all opinions are 100% my own. 

We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in our house or at least try to. But we generally only eat a little bit of one at a time. My husband likes tomatoes on his sandwiches, I like avocados on mine but we never use it all at once. We are the same way when we are cooking as well. When recipes call for an onion I only cut half because we get huge onions. That normally means lots of plastic bags for my half of this and that sitting around. 
Food Savers - Food Huggers

So, I was excited to check out these awesome Food Huggers. They are just silicone sleeves that you can put over the food you have left over. There are two different sets, Avocado Huggers that have the drop shape and seed bump built into it. I always hate how fast avocados turn brown so I can slap the Food Huggers on and it stays green until the next time I go to eat some. There are two in the Avocado Hugger set ($9.99), one large and one small. 

Food Savers - Food Huggers

My mom recently visited us and got me hooked on added lemon to my water each day. I don’t use the whole lemon each day though, so I’m able to put the Food Hugger over the end so the fruit flies don’t show up and the end doesn’t shrivel up from the exposure. 

Food Savers - Food Huggers

What I like most about them is the fact that it’s helping to green my kitchen. They are washable so I stop using plastic bags to store my extra food. The Food Huggers set ($14.99) comes with 4 different sizes to fit all sizes of food. I think they could even have one more size bigger for my enormous onions. Regardless, I love these little things. Every kitchen needs a set especially if your greening your house. They are available on their website right now. 

Food Savers - Food Huggers

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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