Fun Froggy Craft and Game

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Fun Froggy Craft and GameTo celebrate the launch of Jonathan London’s newest Froggy book Froggy’s Birthday Wish, I decided to make a fun game that you can make and play with your kids. It would make a great party game for those that are Froggy lovers and the kids will get a kick out of picking up “chocolate” cover flies like they do in the book. They are really simple and easy to make.

Here is what you are going to need for this project:

Small Thin Paper Plates

Red Blowouts

Red and Green Paint

Cotton Balls

Googly Eyes

Mini Velcro Dots


Brown Felt

Fun Froggy Craft and Game

Start by painting the top of the plate red. This will be the inside of the frog’s mouth. Fun Froggy Craft and Game

Then paint the bottom of the plate green. This is the frog skin.Fun Froggy Craft and Game

When they are dry, fold the paper plate in half and cut a hole in the middle to fit the red blowout through them. Fun Froggy Craft and Game
Unroll the blowout and place a few velcro dots on the end. You want to use the rough ones so that they pick up the felt. Fun Froggy Craft and Game
Glue two cotton balls to the top of the frog’s head and then glue on two eyes. Fun Froggy Craft and Game
Lastly, cut out little “chocolate covered” flies for your Froggy to eat just like in the story. Fun Froggy Craft and Game
Your kids will use the blowout to collect as many flies as they can. You can make it a fun challenge. Fun Froggy Craft and Game
Perfect for a Froggy themed birthday or learning experience. My girls has a blast playing with them. Fun Froggy Craft and Game

About Froggy’s Birthday Wish

It’s Froggy’s birthday—but no one has remembered.
His parents don’t seem to realize it’s his special day, and none of his friends are at home to wish him a happy birthday.
Will Froggy celebrate his birthday all alone?  Has everyone really forgotten?

Fun Froggy Craft and Game

Have fun!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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