FuzziBunz Elite Cloth Diaper Review

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We have been successfully cloth diapering now since I mentioned we were about to start. I’m happy to say that we have gotten into a great routine and I have a small collection or different brands that I was told to try but I found myself liking certain features to some more than others. One of those brands is FuzziBunz. This was one of the first brands I was told to try because of the fit. The other was the patented sizing in their One Size (OS) diapers. This review will show you the new redesigned FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper.

Key Features of the FuzziBunz Elite:

  • Fits 7-30 lbs
  • Trim Fitting
  • Easy Replace Elastic kit included
  • Comes with two Luxurious soft and absorbent MINKY Inserts

I have a few different FuzziBunz cloth diapers in my collection. Perfect Sized,  Original One Sized and now the Elite. I prefer One Size diapers to others simply because it cuts out the cost of having to replace and sell your others when your baby grows out of them. What sets FuzziBunz apart from all the other brands of cloth diapers is their One Size design. Instead of having riser snaps in the front of the diaper you have elastics that go in between the legs that are adjustable. You can see in the picture below that it looks just like a regular “sized” diaper. It also doesn’t have extra fabric on the top that wraps around the baby. I actually like this feature because it generally bunches after I snap it closed.

FuzziBunz Diapers come with everything you see pictured below.

  1. The Diaper Cover (Shell)
  2. 2 Minky inserts – More absorbent than regular microfiber (1 is Small 1 is Large)
  3. 1 Set of Replacement Elastics

Because of FuzziBunz patented design you can get a much trimmer fit between the legs because you aren’t worrying about all the extra fabric. You can also see the wide pocket opening in the back for the insert to be shaken out when dirty. At first I really didn’t like the wide opening until I starting getting better at my laundry routine. I was separating them right before the wash instead of after I take it off her bum. When you are carrying around a baby you don’t want to use two hands to get your wet insert out and then have to go wash up. This allows you to hold it by the clean dry shell and simply shake the insert into your laundry pail. It really is much easier and I love it now!

You can see how well the fit in on Lil’ Peanuts chunky legs. I have this diaper stuffed with both inserts because she is a heavy wetter. With both inserts in the diaper is still less bulky then other brands we have.

You can see that the fit is great around her legs as well. Because I have the inner elastics adjusted to the proper size to fit her best.

What is the difference between the Elite and the Original One Size Design?

Here are a few things that are different:

  • Leg elastics have moved inside the diaper so that it is away from baby’s skin.
  • Elastic in the back to create a better waist fitting for thinner or larger babies.
  • Trimmer design
  • Minky Inserts
Here you can see the inside of the FuzziBunz Elite. I have flipped open the back pocket to expose the back panel elastic as well as the leg elastics so that you can see them clearly. The still have a place you can tuck the extra elastic into so it doesn’t cause a bulge. It is a little tight to get into this area but if you think about it, wouldn’t you want to make the extra effort to set the size every few months then to have it rubbing against your baby’s skin? With the elastics inside you won’t have to worry about blow outs getting all on the inside of the elastic and the hole.

Check out the video I did to show you differences between the old one size and the new Elite diapers.

We love the FuzziBunz Elite one size cloth diapers because of the patented design. It just makes for a better fit as well as a trimmer fit throughout the legs. Check out all the great colors and shop right from the FuzziBunz website! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Great review – love the internal elastic. New one coming any moment now and we are doing cloths, too! Must try this brand!


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