Gaining Independence – Bumbo Booster Seat Review

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My little one is finally old enough to ditch the highchair and start sitting at the table in her big girl chair. She’s been very excited about it. She won’t even let me help feed her anymore. Screams at me if I try! She’s a booger. But independence is a good thing. It means she’s growing up and learning on her own. But it can be frustrating when you are trying to keep macaroni and cheese out of those curly locks. It’s so funny when they hit this age. Talking in their own little language and only being able to make out every 5th word. So you can have a semi conversation with them. You got that she was hungry, she is awake isn’t she. 

We made the switch when Bumbo sent us the booster seat to test out and review. 

The Bumbo seat puts her at exactly the right height for our table. It’s made from the same squishy foam that the original Bumbo seat is made of. So you know it’s comfy. I tested it out myself and it is…regardless of whether my butt fit into it or not. 20131205-134416.jpg

It has straps that go around the bottom of the chair and the backside of the chair. Making sure it doesn’t slip and slid around. I kept mine snug but not as tight as possible because I didn’t want to put pressure on the chair causing creases in the foam of the chair and also keep pressure off the buckle itself. It doesn’t slide around at all. She can climb in and out of the chair like a monkey and it doesn’t move. 20131205-134424.jpg

The seat has a three point harness in the lap so she doesn’t fall while eating spaghetti. Which would be  serious tragedy for the white chair that she is sitting on. Seriously what was I thinking buying white seat covers? It’s one of those strong buckles that you see in things like strollers and such. They can’t get them open. 20131205-134431.jpg

We love this seat, it’s super easy to take on and off the chair so bringing it to a grandparents house is super easy. We don’t have to lug around a huge seat and tray. This one is so light! I might start using this thing at restaurants too. She hates being in a highchair. She climbs out and super mans into our arms at the table. It’s quite amusing but making eating pretty difficult. 20131205-134356.jpg

Did you know, when you make a BUMBO purchase, it helps children in need? Bumbo has a great program called Bumbo Cares. Check out the great things Bumbo Cares is doing to give back to the community and help those in need. 

Bumbo Cares Program from Bumbo USA on Vimeo.

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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