Georgia Aquarium 10th Anniversay Celebration

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The past week I got a first-hand look at some of the great new shows and changes that have taken place at the Georgia Aquarium. It’s hard to believe that they are celebrating ten years, but I was there at the opening, and I remember when they broke ground. It flew by that’s for sure. If you’ve visited recently, you’ve noticed all the spots that were under construction, well they are finally done, and there are lots of new things to see at the Georgia Aquarium.

Scroll to the bottom to see a video of the new shows at the Georgia Aquarium.

The first of which is the great new Suntrust Pier 225, the new home of the California Sea Lions. They are the sweetest group of Sea Lions I’ve ever seen, and I love that they are all rescues. The Sea Lions primary food source is moving further away from them, so the Sea Lions are suffering from malnutrition. Georgia Aquarium is doing its part to help rehabilitate the animals, and when they are ready, they get to go home. But if they aren’t well enough to be sent back out into the wild, they can find their forever home here in Georgia. 
SunTrust Pier 225_464
I’ve heard many people talk about the Dolphin show and how seeing a theatrical show with the dolphins was odd, but the Georgia Aquarium heard those thoughts and have brought a more educational Dolphin show to viewers. Dolphin Celebration is just that, a celebration of how amazing and smart these animals are. You’ll get to learn about their training and some of the great ways they live. You’ll also get to see them interact with their trainers and the crowd. Don’t sit too close, though; you might end up soaking wet!
AT&T Dolphin Celebration_119

There are a few new touch ponds located throughout the aquarium. The first one you can find upstairs near the Aquanaut Adventure, it has rays in it. The other new on is on your way to Ocean Voyager and it has rays and sharks you can touch.

Make sure you also stop in to watch the new 4D movie, Happy Feet and become a certified Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut.

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