Get Your Family Involved in Safer Internet Day

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Today is Safer Internet Day, a global event to help raise awareness of emerging online issues like cyberbullying, safety, and social media.

The campaign’s slogan, “Together for a better internet“, is a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.

I’ve partnered with Google’s Be Internet Awesome and the Mom It Forward Influencer Network to share some great resources for parents about internet safety and some fun games that your kids can play and learn from. Google worked with experts to craft these resources to make sure families and educators can teach the younger generations about online safety.

Google Be Internet Awesome

The internet can be a scary place for parents looking to protect their kids and teaching them to upstanding online users. Interland is a game that Google created to teach kids about internet safety and information sharing through different lands. Each land teaches kids valuable lessons and then quizzes them along the way to make sure they understand the material.

  • Kind Kingdom – It’s cool to be kind – Teaching kindness and how to be an “upstander” for their friends and peers. Sticking with the concept to “treat others as you would like to be treated” or the Golden Rule.
  • Reality River – Don’t fall for fake – When your child gets old enough to have their own email address and be on social media, it’s important to learn that not everything you read on the internet is true. There are lots of scams, phishing attempts, and more they need to learn about so they don’t give away valuable information or compromise their technology.
  • Mindful Mountain – Share with care – This is one of the most important ones in my mind because the speed at which information is shared. It only takes a few minutes for something to go viral. Online sharing should be just like face-to-face communication, if you wouldn’t say it to their face, you shouldn’t put it online. personal details are so important to protect as well for safety.
  • Tower of Treasure – Secure your secrets – Safeguarding everything from your child’s location to passwords will make it harder for “hackers” to get ahold of it. Laptop

Google offers a fantastic option for Android users called Family Link. Families can create healthy digital habits with app management and activity tracking that allows parents to control screen time. When kids get older you can help track their location so you have peace of mind that they are safe. Parents can use Family Link on their own Android or iOS devices. iPad

Take the family pledge and get an official certificate when they master the Be Internet Awesome skills. 

Check out our discussion about the Interland game and what we learned from the Be Internet Awesome guide.


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