Getting Our Garden Ready #SummerSolved

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GardeningIt’s finally time to get our garden ready! I’m so excited about it too. We love suburban gardening. This year we even expanded our garden area and it’s twice as big as last year. We generally use our tax refund to put into our garden so we splurged and got organic soil, which really stinks. We wanted to try new things also this year. I love cooking from the garden so we decided to plant anything that we eat a lot of. Tomatoes, Squash and lettuce to name a few.


The first thing you want to do is find a very sunny spot in your yard. The location that gets the most sun is what you want. Then a few pieces of wood to make your gardening area. This holds your good soil in so during the rain it doesn’t wash away.

We like to whats called lasagna gardening. We use a few different layers of soil in our garden. We have Georgia clay down as far as we can go. It’s thick and hard to shovel. We also use a layer of compost that we work on all year. They year we skipped the bags of soil and found that it was cheaper to get a truckload of Organic soil. We rented a tiller and mixed it up so that the clay would be loosened up. This makes it easier for the roots to be established.

I love getting my outdoor gear on to be in the garden. This outfit is from Duluth Trading Company. The pants are super light and have reinforced knees so when I am on my hands and knees in the dirt they aren’t soaking through. It’s a great feature. The shirt is light and has a handy little hidden pocket. So if I’m not using this shirt in the yard I’m using it on walks and runs because I can place my phone in it or an ID. But my favorite part of this outfit is the Buff on on my head. It absorbs the heat and you can wear it in tons of different ways. With dark hair it gets hot fast so this thing helps keep me much cooler. 88013_PUR-buff-head-band

Duluth Trading Company is offering free shipping now through June 30, 2013, for my readers. Just enter code “T13PRCG” (Note: $50 minimum order. Minimum order applies to total before tax, shipping or gift card purchases. Valid for US shipping only, on standard delivery.)

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Meghan Cooper
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  1. Love your garden! We planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, pole beans, watermelon, and cantaloupe, plus a ton of herbs this year. We have crappy soil too, so we compost and throw mix it with the ash from our burn pile, and things really grow well it seems. Nothing better than fresh, homegrown veggies!

  2. Oh how I miss having an area big enough for a veggie garden… I love all the clothes you got. Clothes can get ruined really quickly when gardening so having some especially made for that is awesome. I hear ya with the dark hair. Sometimes I’ll get a headache if the sun shines on mine too much and gets super hot.

  3. We just bought our first house (yay!) so I’m really excited to start gardening. So far I’ve planted Delphinium, Foxglove, Ranunculus, Salvia and Clematis.

  4. This year we have tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, and marion berries. Next year my daughter wants to try potatoes.


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