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With the rise in popularity of the Heely’s line with boys, girls were feeling a little left out. Heely’s added a girls line  to change that but this fall their new Fall 2012 line turns a new leaf so girls can truly rock Heely’s too!

Spring Line Girls Heely’s

If you aren’t familiar with Heely’s they are the shoes that have a removable wheel in the bottom of the sole allowing you to “skate” on them. They became very popular in the skating community and took off as a new trend. I have to say I didn’t know much about the shoes other than they looked fun but I probably would break my neck trying to be cool. My sister is showing off these Heely’s because she hits the target market! Teenage girl following a hot trend. She loves her new Heely’s even more because it’s a pink version.

My daughter is still too young for these types of shoes but I did discover the HX2 line.

HX2 Photo Courtesy of Heely’s

The Hx2 line was originally designed for kids so that they could learn to use their Heely’s on two wheels first before dropping down to one. But they just made a few of the HX2 models available in adult sizes as well so now you can think of the Hx2 line as a “beginners” line instead.

The great thing about Heely’s is that the wheel comes out of the insole and can be replaced with cap to keep debris out of the insole. Your kids would probably have this in most of the time because of new school rules banning the wheels on school grounds. (What a buzz kill!) But it’s nice that EVERYTHING you need comes in the box, no need to buy additional pieces. Unless you really just want the Starburst wheels for your new kicks!

Socialite Photo courtesy of Heely’s

But I know what you are thinking. These shoes are great but they are still so big and “skater boyish.” Meet the Socialite. I can see this design getting popular with the girls that don’t want to give up their cute shoes. This Mary Jane style is popular throughout any shoe brand on the market, so why not pop a wheel in it and make it fun too? No one is going to call this shoe boyish! I love it, no if they just make it in pink or blue even I might be the hip mom that Heely’s through the mall. The kids would love that. But I better learn how to skatefirst so that I’m not the hilarious Heely’s Mom busting it on YouTube!

They even have a new athletic shoe if you are trying to stay away from the wide “skater” shoes. This new Fall line is a great one to find cute styles that your family will love and have fun without (outside of school).

Check out Heely’s on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter @HeelysWorldwide.

What do you think of the new styles of Heely’s? Do you think the girls will like them?


Heely’s sent me a pair of their shoes to review and teach me about their new Fall line 2012. All opinions are my own.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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