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Storks hit theaters this past weekend! It is an adorable movie about the storks that used to deliver babies around the world, but now deliver packages for the global internet giant, My crew and I went to see the characters and check out the movie together, and we were all giggling pretty hard by the end of the film. Before the movie we got to hang out with characters from the film and they had a bunch of activities to do with the kids. 

Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when the Baby Factory is accidentally activated by Tulip (Katie Crow) on his watch, producing an adorable – and wholly unauthorized – baby girl with awesome ninja skills. Tulip was one of the last babies from the time when they still delivered babies. Her tracking beacon was lost, so they weren’t able to bring her to her parents. She and Junior now have to set off on a journey to bring the baby to her new family. 


Along the way, they are met by some hilarious wolves that come together to make whatever they need like a wolf bridge or wolf boat. They were my favorite part of the movie. Along with some of the parental humor of being a new parent and having to deal with things like your baby not sleeping or eating for you. It was a touching look at how a baby can change your whole world around. 

My girls really loved the movie also. It’s a super sweet and very movie! It will find it’s way into our collection when it becomes available on HD Download. It was a fun day with my girls, laughing and enjoying some snacks together. 

Go check out Storks in theaters now!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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