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Elephant GrocersI wouldn’t say that I’m lazy but I don’t like grocery shopping with my kids, so sometimes I wait until the weekends to go out. The fact that we generally eat organic or all natural makes it even harder because I have to drive a lot further than the regular stores. So when Elephant Grocers approached me about trying out their service here in Atlanta I jumped at the opportunity.

When they first approached me they didn’t deliver to my area, I’m on the outskirts of Metro Atlanta so I knew it was a long shot. But they added my area just a few weeks later and they are adding more all the time. 

I wanted to try a wide variety of products from the store so I got a little something from each department. Here is what I found on the site that I really love. 

Organic – there is a filter in every category to only show you the organic options. They have tons of produce in this category also. 

Gluten Free – just like the organic filter there is a gluten-free filter. 

Baskets – if you eat a lot of produce this is a great option. Especially if you juice! I got a box of organic fruit and the selection was great. 

Local – you can get products that are grown or made in Georgia to support your local economy! 

Hard to find – There are a few things that I got that are hard to find. The Applegate Organic Herb Turkey is one of my favorites and I haven’t found it at any of the places I normally shop. BPA free lined cans, imported cheeses, pre-made meals, there are a lot of hidden gems that I am dying to try.

Fast delivery – if you place your order by 8pm it is delivered the next day! There is a flat delivery fee and it is dependent on your location but to me it is a HUGE convenience to have someone do the shopping for me and drop it off on my doorstep. 

Great prices – I wasn’t sure what to expect for pricing but when I say how much I got for $100 I was shocked. Everything is great quality and the fact that most of it is organic is an added bonus. They have weekly specials and coupon codes that they share. 

I have to say I was beyond pleased with this service and they have gained a customer for sure! If you’re in the Metro Atlanta area I highly suggest you check them out. If you use any of the links to Elephant Grocers in this post you’ll automatically get $10 off your first purchase!


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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