Growth Spurts Suck, Sometimes

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They happen ever couple of months, a big growth spurt that causes schedules to shift and everything to be thrown off balance. With that said this week is the week from hell. This growth spurt has triggered non-stop eating. If she’s awake she’s hungry. If she’s eating, she’s puking. (Did I mention reflux sucks also?)

15 minute naps, which means she’s awake…and hungry.

Can’t be on her back, but hates it on her stomach. Translation = I know you didn’t just put me down, WAHHHH

Did I mention that I’m PMSing on top of that? Or that I’m so backed up in work my head is spinning.

I was crazy to think that I could take a moment to do a small project for myself.

But the upside to a baby that doesn’t sleep all day and eats all day….She slept through the night! I’m sure it was just an accident but um I’ll take a full nights sleep any day you’d like to give me one.

So as I suffer through this week of a silly growing baby next week I’ll play catch up.

I’m a growing girl


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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