Happy Father’s Day – Road Trips with Dad VIDEO

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Thank you Discount Tire for sponsoring this conversation.  

IMG_8693.JPGHappy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We celebrated early with a nice breakfast and an awesome Tetris Mug. It’s acceptable to give coffee mugs when your husband loves geeky cool ones that change when their hot. Plus, we got him a fishing pole that collapses into his backpack.  

I also did a fun activity with the girls. I had them fill out the Discount Tires Father’s Day Road Trip questionnaire. I was tickled with some of her answers.

Tickled enough to film it for Daddy to see. 

It’s not about where you’re driving, it’s about who you’re driving with. Our last road trip was down to Kissimmee for a week filled with many adventures. It was the first one we took with Peanut also. She was so little and she hated being in the car seat. It was a long trip, to say the least. JaMonkey gets stars in her eyes when she’s talking about or even to her Daddy. She is the biggest Daddy’s girl. So she got excited when she filled out the Discount Tire questionnaire.

We are planning on another road trip back to Florida towards the end of the year. Maybe this time it will be far more fun and the kids will pass the time better when their having fun making memories.

Photo Apr 08, 9 59 10 AM

You should download the questionnaire to let your kids answer also. 

Happy Birthday…I mean Happy Father’s Day!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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