Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit Review

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We all wish that we can have a wand like Harry Potter and the rest of the Wizarding World, and now you can with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit!

Kano kits are unique because you have to build the technology before you can play with it. We’ve built a touchscreen computer and a pixel light kit from Kano and I love how in-depth the instructions are to teach the kids about all the parts that make up their technology.

I love that they package the wand just like all of the wands I’ve ever seen. The Nobel Collection wands and the wands from Ollivander’s at Universal, they all have this organza that covers the wand just like the movie. Because you want your kids to experience getting their first wand to be magical just like Harry!

Kano Harry Potter Wand

The wand has some pretty cool aspects built into it to help with the magic including:

  • Accelerometer – this measures how fast the wand is moving
  • Gyroscope – for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity
  • Magnetometer – detects the Earth’s magnetic field
  • Rumble pack – to vibrate when you’re using
  • Bluetooth – to connect to your device

The coding wand works with lots of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Amazon, and Kano OS. The Harry Potter Coding Wand is geared towards kids ages 6-8 but I know my 11-year-old loves it as well. If you have a Harry Poter fan I think it will be loved forever.

Once you build the wand, the Kano program walks you through different programs and teaches you how to code the wand to do specific tasks and challenges to move through the Wizarding World. Create with magical creatures, sweets, spells, wizarding artifacts, and 200+ sounds.

As you progress through the programs you can earn experience points and items. Once you start coding you also join the Kano community where you can share your spells and creations with others. It makes the possibilities endless.

I think the most exciting aspect of this coding wand is that you can do fun spells. It’s like playing a game that you progress through only after you learn to code and perform the spells properly.Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit Review

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is the perfect gift for the wizarding lover in your home. We are loving it!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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