Have a Laugh at Angry Birds 2 – Movie Review

What’s the point of doing a sequel unless it blows the first one out of the water? Angry Birds Movie 2 gives the fans what it wants, lots of fun for the whole family.

Earlier this year Sony brought me out to Los Angeles to screen the Angry Birds 2 movie. When I saw the film the first time, it wasn’t complete, there were a few final edits and finishing touches being made before it’s completion. I then went and saw the movie again with my daughters during the early Target screening on August 3rd. The second time around, I knew the jokes were coming, and I still died laughing at a few of them.

Laughter is infectious. Seeing the movie with a room full of children is a blast because they are cackling together. What do you expect when you put a cast FULL of comedians together and then tell them to have fun with their characters?

Within the movie is a mini side story about the hatchlings, and they are super adorable and funny.

Improv FTW

Improvision was the word on most of the cast’s and creative team’s tongues when we interviewed them.

“It’s such an amazing team, they really encourage you to improv, to be crazy, they get you doing the wildest things,” Dove Cameron said. “They get the performers, they get the best sides of them, I mean obviously it’s a cast of unbelievable comedians, but I do think it’s the team that is exclusive to this project.”

Thurop Van Orman makes his movie directorial debut on Angry Birds 2, and the cast had nothing but great things to say about the creative freedom they felt with their characters.

“If you’re going to do a sequel, the whole idea is you want to do something different and top what you’ve already done otherwise there is no real reason to do it,” Josh Gad said. “I think it starts with the creative team, and bringing in Thurop to direct it, he just brought such a mad, zaniness to the film that is so exquisite, reminds you of old school insane Looney Tunes.”

With a lot of the dialog in the movie, you can tell that there were a lot of lines that were just spitballed and then included in the film. This tactic pays off for audiences in the form of big laughs for the kids and the parents. Some jokes are aimed at parents specifically as well, and I think that helps make a family movie like this more enjoyable.

Strong female cast

Angry Birds 2 introduces a lot of new characters, including hatchlings, pigs, birds, and a new island full of eagles. Among all these new characters are a handful of hilarious and amazing females.

Silver, voiced by Rachel Bloom, is an engineering bird at the top of her class that joins the team to help with the new threat of a mysterious third island. She is my rockstar character because of her focus on S.T.E.M. and how this character will impact little girls watching. I was so excited to see her role in the movie.

Next, is the newest villain, Zeta voiced by the hilarious Leslie Jones. Her loud, boisterous personality shins as the Eagle with a plan. A pretty ingenious idea at that. Zeta can run circles around her own scientists if she needs to. Leslie Jones mentioned that she has always wanted to play a villain, and I have to say, she is perfect for the task. She is joined by her adorable sidekick Debbie, voiced by Tiffany Haddish.

We can’t forget the pigs either. Joining Leonard is his new assistant Courtney, voiced by Awkwafina (see, a cast of comedians). She keeps it real and adds another layer of fun to the movie.

A powerful message

Outside of all the laughs is a powerful underlying message. The importance of coming together for a common purpose and realizing that it’s ok if you need help. Set your differences aside and work together.

“There is something really nice about showing something on the screen like your differences are never as great as you think they are,” Sterling K. Brown said. “There’s always a way to come together. Pigs and birds ain’t go no business working together, baby! But they do in this movie!”

Is there an end-credits scene in Angry Birds 2?

If you’re wondering if you need to stick around for the end of the credits the short answer is no.

There are some fun visuals of the cast at the beginning of the credits though!

Angry Birds 2 is side-splitting fun for the whole family, and the perfect movie to end your summer vacation on a high note!

Angry Birds 2 is in theaters August 13th.

Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooperhttps://jamonkey.com
Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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