Have You Eaten Your Fruits and Veggies?

I was provided product and compensation for my participation but all opinions are my own. I’ve been a Juice Plus+ fan for a long time. 

I’m busy. Busy to the point that I can’t remember if I ate breakfast, or lunch. I’m glad that I at least remember to feed my kids though. My husband has made it a habit to bring a bag of fruit with him to work to keep him going throughout his busy day. Me on the other hand, I’m running around getting kids to school, going to school myself, picking them up from school getting home and then it’s already time to start making dinner. It’s a chaotic mess. So I don’t always eat the best meals. I do love that I can at least get the benefits of eating my fruit and vegetables when I’m not eating them all the time. This picture below, this is how I feel at every meal. I know I should eat the salad but I WANT to eat the cheeseburger. My brain needs to be re-trained to make better decisions. I’m overweight, and suffer from all kinds of health problems that I’m sure could be fixed if I change the way I eat. 

1387481623072Juice Plus+ has awesome supplements that I’ve tried years ago but haven’t in awhile. My mother used to distribute them when I was younger so I’ve been a fan for a long time. They have gotten so much better over the years. They now have gummy chewables that I can give to the kids.  Juice Plus+ offers a few different supplements, Garden (vegetable), Orchard (fruits) and a Vineyard (Berry) blend. I can take the capsules or the gummies, I prefer the gummies because it’s like getting a special snack. Yeah, I said it just like my kids would say it. It’s nice knowing that a supplement like Juice Plus+ is backed by some inspiring doctors as well. Including Dr. Bill and Jim Sears, you know from the amazing Sears family. I own all of their books and I visit their website all the time for Attachment Parenting tips. 1396016696907

I actually got to participate in a Google Hangout with Dr. Bill and Jim Sears the other day to talk more about Juice Plus+ and it’s benefits. As someone that tries to get their kids to take vitamins everyday to keep their immune systems up I was thrilled to hear that it’s really not necessary if you are giving your kids the Juice Plus+ supplements. As Doctor Dr. Bill Sears says,”A little Juice Plus+ a day can keep the doctor away.” I also learned some great ways to get my kids to eat their supplements. If I ever find myself out of the gummy chewables I can still give them the capsules by opening them up and sparkling them into yogurt or onto other fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sears used to do this to his kids and called them Sprinkles. I love that idea. What kid doesn’t love Sprinkles!? SONY DSC

I’ve uploaded our super awesome Google Hangout so that all of you could get some great info from the Sears family. I know I learned a lot. The videos are broken into questions but you can also watch the full video if you like. 

Google Hangout with Dr. Bill and Jim Sears

What’s even better than awesome advice from Dr. Bill and Jim Sears? A giveaway for a 4 month supply of Juice Plus+!!

Win a 4 Month Supply of Juice Plus+

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