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Setting a daily routine for you kids during the weekdays is beneficial for a few reasons. During the school year, it makes life so much easier and less chaotic. That is if the alarm goes off and you don’t hit snooze of course. While my husband and I tend to trade off each day, the girls know the drill so they can get ready and out the door in a timely fashion. 

Now if I could just get them to let us sleep in on the weekends. 

The first thing my kids do in the morning is brushing their teeth. My kids have to take extra special care of their teeth because they have unfortunately inherited some bad teeth genes from their parents. Crowding, brittle teeth and gum issues. So if there is one thing I am always on them about, it’s dental care. I have no problem brushing my 9-year-olds teeth if she isn’t doing a good job. Dental work is expensive and painful so I’d rather put in the work beforehand! We’ve recently discovered TheraBreath Kids Oral Rinse and they (and I) couldn’t be happier. It is made with real organic grapes and contains no sugar. I’ve always wondered why something that is meant to clean your teeth and prevent cavities would have sugar in it! Instead, it is sweetened with a touch of Xylitol, a natural non-sugar option that also has oral heath benefits. TheraBreath Kids Oral Rinse is also free from artificial dyes, flavors, and colors. But the true winner is the fact that my kids LOVE it. 

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After they’ve brushed their teeth the kids get dressed and eat breakfast together. We make sure that all the papers and agendas are signed and in their backpacks. I wish I could say that I was one of those moms that made lunch every day, but I’m not. Our bus gets to the house wicked early too so unless I was getting up before 6 am, it just won’t happen! They are up and on the bus by 6:45 am. It just keeps getting earlier and earlier it seems. 

After school, we have a snack, followed by dinner together at the table where we discuss our days. Then we start our bedtime routines of looking in backpacks, putting on pajamas, brushing out teeth before bed and then reading stories. 

This routine helps up stay on track during the week so we make sure we are on time and ready for the day. The weekends are normally all over the place but at least my oldest can make herself breakfast while the little one is still snoozing (and mom can sleep in).

Here is a great school morning checklist for your kids to keep them on track in the mornings. 

What does your routine look like? 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. The dentist said we should still be helping Red brush at least once a day, and let him practice the other couple of times. I agree, work in the early days is helpful to prevent dental work!


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