Hilarious Hawkeye Memes and Reactions That Hit the Mark

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All episodes of Hawkeye are finally here on Disney+, and fans’ reactions are rolling in. Here are some great memes and reactions.

There were lots of great surprises in the series, so if you haven’t watched, this is your spoiler warning.

You either loved Steve Rogers: The Musical or you hated it.

Steve Rogers The Musical Meme

This one made me snort.

Hawkeye Thanos Snap Meme

Seeing PYM tech arrows make an appearance.

hawkeye ant-man meme

We were all thinking the same thing when Clint said shish just got real. “That escalated quickly” in our best Ron Burgundy voice.

That escalated quickly hawkeye meme


Instead of, there’s an app for that, I’ve got an arrow for that!

hawkeye meme

This meme would be funnier if this was actually a hawk and not an owl, but it was still a great moment in the show.

hawkeye owl

Not all heroes have superpowers.

not all heroes have superpowers

Yelena means business! I was scared for Kate Bishop.

I think we can all agree that Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova are the best pair and I’m here for all their snark and wit.

stop making me like you. I'm sorry I can't help it.

The callbacks to Natasha 🙁


It wasn’t all butterflies and sunshine. Yelena’s pain cuts you like a knife.

yelena hawkeye

I agree 100% with the next one!

Kingpin is so much bigger and stronger than I remember.

kingpin hulk meme

Like crazy strong!

kingpin meme

Kingpin on Netflix is twice as scary.

Pizza Time Meme Daredevil Meme

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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