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I’ve been home with my children off and on since they was born. I mention that because I went back to work because I enjoyed making money even if it was just a small paycheck. It meant that the little perks in life like an extra day on vacation or an extra night of getting to eat out was ok. And who could forget those shoes that you’ve been eyeing for months.

So here are the ways that I have been making money here and there to help buy those shoes!


Earn on Social Media


Izea  – Izea is an influencer platform where you can connect your social media accounts and opportunities are offered to you in the dashboard. They are always great campaigns and you have the ability to choose how much you want to be paid per tweet! Whether it’s $3 per tweet or if you have LOTS of followers $125 per tweet. Depending on your following you can get a lot for just a little work. 

BlogHer Social Influencers – 


Ad Networks

sovrn Holdings, Inc.Sovrn – This is my current ad network and I’m really happy with them. They have amazing customer support and I can use my AdSense account to backfill if an ad isn’t filled by Sovrn. 

Media .net – Yahoo / Bing contextual ads. I use these in some of my most popular posts because of the way they look. They have large formats and a list style that does really well. 

Google AdSense – Google has lots of ad sizes to choose from including mobile and matched content ads. They also have strict rules and policies and if you get kicked out or denied you’ll have to find another way to monetize. 

Digital Shopper Marketing Platforms

If you are a deal blogger or looking to become a deal blogger this is where you need to be.

ShopHer Media – This networks have great deals that you can share with your readers and Coupon carousels that you can embed into your blog. When your readers download and print a coupon, you get money for it!


Say Media-An amazing ad network with beautiful moving ads that only play of your reader hoovers over them. Big brands use them so as long as you have your targets set you’ll get good results

InfoLinks– Is a text link plugin that I can turn on and off whenever I like that randomly selects a few words in a post to create text links. It’s the top rated text links company and I’ve done really great with them and their customer service is amazing. Just for signing up I got $100!

Link Worth– A wide selection of Link Words, Link Ads and many more. Lots to choose from.


Sponsored Content

Doing sponsored posts is the #1 way to make good money from home. There are great sites that you can join that are communities such as Clever Girls Collective or Collective Bias but these are sites that advertisers are pitching to you.

IZEA – I mentioned IZEA earlier as an easy way to earn on social media, but they also have sponsored content campaigns as well. Advertisers will send you leads that you can either accept or negotiate the terms to fit your earning potential. You create your content in their platform and then copy and paste all the code into a blog post. Super easy!


Cooperatize – 

Blogsvertise– I’m new to this site but I’ve already started getting offers. They are coming in each day to the point I can’t keep up.

Gigcoin–  GigCoin is a platform that makes it easy to get and give gigs. Gig givers get quick access to a motivated group of testers, survey takers and brand ambassadors. Gig Takers can get side gigs and be paid quickly.

Affiliate Marketing- Commission based marketing that you only make money if the person that clicked your link makes a purchase or in some cases registers for a website.

Commission Junction-This is the largest affiliate marketing site you will find. Companies like Groupon and CafeMom use them. They offer links, widgets, and text links.

LinkShare-Another big site that has Apple iTunes / App store affiliate marketing.

Your Daily Deal Site- You local deal sites probably all have affiliate programs. I’m not talking about Referring someone and you getting a $5 credit in your account, I’m talking about actually making a commission of sales that you brought them. Having Groupon credits is great and all but mine normally expire before I get to use them and redeeming them when they are expired is so hard. So scroll to the bottom of your local deal sites and see if they offer an affiliate program. Make sure you have a valid email because they will email you about awesome national deals or discounts they are offering so you can let your followers and readers know early and use you!

Points / Surveys- Earn Points that you can redeem for Gift Cards or PayPal transfers.

MyPoints– This site is the one I’ve earning the most points from. Through being a BzzAgent I earn MyPoints and simple tasks like opening an email or a survey you earn very fast. You can also earn points from installing their search bar and shopping online. Earning points like 10 points per dollar on purchases. I’ve redeemed for many Amazon gift cards that have help with lots of purchases.

SuperPoints– This is site is by invitation only. You can earn points from doing surveys and opening email. They also have a Super Lucky Button that you get to click a few times and win points. I’m still new to this site but so far I’ve earned a lot and the rewards catalog is low to redeem!

Swagbucks-I think everyone knows about Swagbucks but I’m actually not on this site as much as I am MyPoints. I’m still giving it a try because earning is easy and eventually it adds up and I’m sure I can redeem for something great.

Mommy Talk Surveys-Aren’t you sick of getting through the beginning of a survey and then they give you the old “You don’t qualify”? Well this site is geared to Moms so you are more liking to qualify for all of the surveys making it easier to make money. Plus they give you $5 just for joining!

Paid Viewpoint-Easy surveys that are much faster than any other site with surveys! This is one of my favorites.


If you don’t have a Google account you need to get one. Then you need to join Google’s AdSense network and Google’s Affiliate Network. These are the places I make the most each month.


So those are the sites that I make a few dollars here and there on. Those few dollars add up though. Also find some great Blogger communities to join so that you can apply to their blogging opportunities. They are going to be your biggest sponsors.

Track all your great earnings with my Blog Earnings Template. It’s a handy way to keep track of all of these sites each month even if you have multiple blogs!

This post contains some affiliate links. If you plan to take advantage of the program that I’ve shared with you please send a little love my way and use these links. If you ever need help with or have questions about any of these programs please Contact Me and I’d be happy to help! 
Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper is a writer, content creator, movie critic, and geek living in Atlanta, Ga. She loves movies, traveling, and lots of coffee. Member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, and Atlanta Film Critics Circle.


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