How to Make Slime or Gak

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I participated in a campaign with Acorn Influence on behalf of Walmart and the Kids Choice Awards. All opinions are my own.  

How to make Slime or GakMaking slime with your kids is incredibly easy. You only need a few ingredients and you can find them at your local Walmart. For added fun you can get fun washable watercolor paints to make fun colors. We made glow in the dark neon orange glitter slime and then we made pink glitter gak. The difference between slime and gak is it’s resting state, gak is more rubbery and you can roll it into a ball almost. While slime slippery and, well, slimey! It sticks to your hands a little and you can make it ooze through things.

I remember watching kids get slimed on Nickelodeon all the time and then when I visited Nickelodeon Studios I totally chickened out from being the kid that gets slimed during the show. You could say that I got girly and didn’t want to walk around all day with that goop all over me. But, it was still fun to watch. This slime recipe is NOT the same kind of slime, trust me, glue + starch = haircut. I think every kid needs to experience a good slimming, maybe we will do that this summer. 

So let’s make some play slime! Here is what you’ll need. 

Glue – We used Glow in the Dark Glitter Glue for the orange slime but the pink was made with Elmers Washable Glitter Glue. Both were found in the craft aisle.

Sta-Flo Concentrated Liquid Starch – You can find this at Walmart under $3 in the laundry section. 

Washable Watercolor Paint –  We used the Sargent Art Fluorescent Watercolor Magic Set for this tutorial. 

We made a video for you to see how easy it is to make slime. It has the step by step directions on what to do in order to get it to the right consistency. 

As I mentioned before, this is an easy project that the kids can help out with. My oldest wanted to make pink glitter slime so I let her make it herself. I love how she sticks her tongue out to mix things. She used the Elmers Pink Glitter Glue and the neon pink watercolor paint to make hers. We mixed the two together first to get the right color. Elmers Glitter Glue comes in 6 oz bottles so keep that in mind when mixing in your starch. 

How to make Slime or Gak

I used a little extra starch on her batch and it came out thicker and more like gak. She liked it better this way. The trick to making slime is in the starch, you have to add it in a little bit at a time in order to get it to where it doesn’t stick to your hands. The glow in the dark glue took more starch than the Elmers glue did. If you find that you have too much starch in the mix, add in more glue. We had an extra bottle of Clear Elmers for this very reason. How to make Slime or Gak

It’s funny to watch little girls play in slime. They want to wash their hands every couple of minutes and want a “clean” space and toys. I kept telling them this was a, getting dirty, play experiment. In the end they still thought it was totally cool and want to make every color under the sun!How to make Slime or GakOur glow in the dark neon orange slime was fun to play with in a dark room. I brought in the black light in order to show you better. The black light also helps “charge” the glow in the dark glue to make it glow even when the light is off. 

How to make Glow in the dark, neon Slime

You can’t even really tell that the slime will glow in the dark until you bring it into the dark. It’s really neat.How to make Slime or Gak



 This makes TONS of slime, like a years worth! We like being able to make different colors or glow in the dark versions though. 


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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