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So after seeing the new UPS My Choice on a few sites I finally broke down and decided to sign up. I mean heck it’s free what do I have to loose right? Can I just tell you that as a blogger it is the best thing you could possible do for yourself? Especially if you are doing product reviews and you have companies sending you stuff all the time.

After you register you input your mailing address and verify that it really is your house. That’s it. Done. What do you get in return? A notification any time ANYONE creates a shipping label for your address! No more waiting for them to send you a tracking number!

So if you have something SUPER important (like a MacBook Pro) coming from you want to know when it will arrive. Sure they gave you a tracking number on the site, you can input it and receive text messages of down to the hour of when it will arrive so if your driver doesn’t ring your doorbell you know it’s out there waiting for you!

Ok that’s all fine and dandy but what about all those packages from companies asking you to try their products or write a review? Sometimes you have no idea they are even coming. Well like I had mentioned before if that company creates a UPS shipping label with your address on it the system will catch it and notify you that you have a package on the way and when it is scheduled to arrive.

How stinking cool is that? What the heck are you waiting for Bloggy Friends. It’s totally free to sign up and you’ll always know when a UPS Package is heading your way. It’s fantastic.


This is Sponsored Content but I choose to write about how AMAZING the service is because I love it so much. That makes me a cool blogger btw. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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