I Am Martin Luther King Jr. – Children’s Book Review

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img_4102.jpegBrad Meltzer brings us another amazing person in his Ordinary People Change the World series. His latest book comes just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. day. I am Martin Luther King Jr. is more than just a history book with the current state of our country. Just take a look at any news report and you’ll see that we need to remember the lessons of the great MLK Jr. today. This is why Meltzer has been waiting to write this story in the series. 

“His life is proof that if we stand together and remain united, nothing can stop his dream.” – Brad Meltzer

The book is geared towards 5-9 year olds which works out perfectly because my daughter is currently learning about Martin Luther King Jr. in school right now. img_4105.jpeg

Children will get a look at the unfair practices of our country towards the African-American people were treated. How the innocence of children were jaded by the parents racism. It also highlights MLK Jr.’s belief in peaceful protests to make your voice heard, starting with the Birmingham bus boycott. 

img_4103.jpegAs I read the story to my youngest for the first time I found myself in tears by the time I got to the March on Washington. If I had lived in this time period I would have been amongst the crowd of supporters fighting for equal rights. Just like I stand with my friends today in a society still jaded by racism and unfair practices. 

I think books like these are so important for young readers because they are learning about important life changing points in history and also that one person can spark massive change in our nation. If you have the dream, you can make it happen, but you have to try and make your voice heard in order for that to happen. 

I highly suggest these Ordinary People Change the World books for young readers, we’ve enjoyed the ones we’ve received so far. You can find titles like:

I am Lucille Ball

I am Helen Keller

I am Amelia Earhart

I am Rosa Parks

I am Albert Einstein


Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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