I Have a Mommy’s Girl

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I’m writing this with a huge grin on my face. Not only because I have a Mommy’s girl but because I got great news at the cardiologist this week.

First an SVT update. We haven’t had a single attack since a week before leaving the NICU. We are now at the 4 month old mark (2 month gestational) she has grown past her dosage and we are now just playing the watching game. In another 3 months we will go back in for another check. If she doesn’t have any SVT’s in that time period they will start to wean her off the heart meds! The type she is one requires some care in weaning her off because it’s stronger than others.

She is now 12 lbs 6 oz 22.5 inches long. She is still a Lil’ Peanut but she has moved into the 10 – 25 percentile for her weight. Which is a big deal since she is a preemie and if you were to judge by her gestational age her length would be 25-50 percentile and 75-90 in weight! So she is doing great.

I can’t put her down. I can’t get enough snuggles. But can you blame me? When you are told your baby isn’t going to make it and then struggled in the NICU for 5 weeks can you really blame me? I think not.

After JaMonkey became a strait up Daddy’s girl, and I mean follow him around the house daddy’s girl, I didn’t think I would get that kind of lovin’s. But Lil’ Peanut is just happier in my arms. She doesn’t calm for him. I get the biggest smiles too.

But I’ll stop bragging about my Mommy’s girl and let you soak in a smile.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Look at her in her lovelace! So stinking cute.

    We’ve got a momma’s girl here, too..but it also means daddy hasn’t been able to do much soothing.


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