If 2020 Were A….Meme

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Let’s face it, we all wish 2020 were over. But at least we’ve gotten a lot of great memes out to help us laugh. One of the funniest trends of the 2020 memes was the “If 2020 were a…” They compare the year 2020 to the disasters of all the things! Enjoy this collection of hilarious memes. 
If 2020 were a scented candle. I think a portable potty fire sums it up nicely. 

If 2020 were a piñata, it would be a hornet’s nest. 

if 2020 was a pinata

All the pain if 2020 were a slide. 

If 2020 were an episode of a show, it would be The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones

If 2020 were a drink, it would be boiled hot dog water for sure. 

If 2020 were a drink it would be boiled weenie water.

If 2020 were a hula hoop, it would be like barbed wire. 

If 2020 were a movie scene, it would be from Nationa Lampoons Christmas Vacation with Uncle Eddie saying the shitter was full. 

If 2020 were a pie, it would be the one Minny Jackson baked (poo pie). 

If 2020 were a beer, it would be all head. if 2020 was a beer

If 2020 were a person, it would be Professor Dolores Umbridge…for sure. 

If 2020 were a watermelon.

If 2020 were a dessert, it would be Rachel’s from Friends. 

If 2020 had a spokesperson, it would be Mayhem from Allstate. 

If 2020 were a boat it would be this sinking No Worries boat. 

If 2020 were a house it would be an outhouse. 

If 2020 were a candy it would be this Skittles Laxative.

If 2020 were a car it would need all the duct tape to hold it together. 

If 2020 were a back flip…this poor child. 

Luckily, 2020 is almost over. Let’s hope 2021 looks a lot better. 

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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