INTERVIEW: Gabby’s Dollhouse Laila Lockhart Kraner

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Our very own kid reporter, Captain Squish, sat down with the star of Gabby’s Dollhouse, Laila Lockhart Kraner, to talk about her Netflix show.

I want to know, who is your favorite character in the dollhouse?

My favorite character has to be Cat Rat because I think he’s hilarious
and although he causes some trouble, he’s
usually there to clean up his mess and he’s always there with the smart
solution for it too.

Is it fun being Gabby in the show?

Oh for sure it is super fun. When I’m in live-action I get to do
all these cool crafts and I really like acting, so it’s always fun for me.
It’s definitely fun I’d say.

Do you like to do fun do it yourself projects as Gabby does?

I love arts and crafts. I especially like painting and just making stuff, so yeah I definitely do. Sometimes I never finish them, but the ones that I do finish are pretty cool. I usually make some stuff for my parents
birthdays or my siblings birthdays or just on my own time for fun.

Do you have any cats or pets?
Yes, I do I have a cat and I have a dog, and they’re both super cute. My cat’s name is Zapolo and my dog’s name is Milo. Do you have
any pets?

Juno and Kylo.
Do you like live acting or voice acting better?

I like them both a lot but I’d say I like to do live acting more just because I get to go out and I get to meet new people and I get to travel to cool places. And I really like being on set because it’s so different than my usual life, so I like to change it up a bit.

Which episode do you like best?

I think my favorite episode would definitely be the pirate episode because I think it’s super cool how they could get, they went into the sea and were on like this cool pirate ship. But I also really like the spa day episode because I thought it was so cool when they got their hair done and they got to make all these cool things to get Mercat sparkle back. Do you have a favorite?

Um, I think it’s when they float a bathtub upstairs.

Yeah, that is a good one too.

What is your favorite song to sing?

That’s a hard one, I like seeing all of them but when I first was doing the Gabby’s theme song, the ‘Hey Gabby’ one that was super fun. We did that a lot of times but I really like that song, so it was always fun for me.

Would you like to have other people visit the dollhouse?

Yeah, I think it’d be really cool if I had all my friends come over. That’d be pretty fun and I feel like it would be a good place to have your birthday because there are so many rooms and things to do.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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