Introduce Your Kids to German Culture at the WunderBar Pop Up Tour

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Celebrate German culture at the WunderbarTogether PopUp event touring America! The PopUp celebrates The Year of German-American friendship. This unique event is coming to Atlanta September 24-28.

As the official roadshow of Wunderbar Together, the PopUp Tour combines an impressive culture tent with mobile container exhibits and various pop-up edutainment elements. Programs range from business conferences, science slams, art exhibits, concerts or interactive student-focused events to panel discussions on future-oriented issues such as future of work, digitalization, and sustainability. With stops in Chicago, Atlanta, and Portland, the PopUp Tour showcases German business and culture in the U.S. and highlights the close economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

Starting Tuesday, September 24th to Saturday, September 28th, Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour will come to Midtown Atlanta
with a multi-day experiential pop-up event celebrating German-American friendship. A large event tent will go up in Midtown, and it will be surrounded by shipping containers that house an interactive experience.

There will be fun activities for everyone in the family. Circus Mojo, a skills-focused circus arts troupe that promotes German-American collaboration, will be performing throughout the event. There are some wonderful science-related activities as well, including a Science Slam that brings young scientists from Germany and the USA to present their work in a fun, entertaining way.

There will also be a Bauhaus-themed Wiesn in a Box beer garden featuring hot pretzels and Hofbräu beer, a decked-out WanderbUS equipped with virtual reality
tours of German cities and all things German language-related, a viewing screen for Bundesliga soccer matches, and food trucks featuring German fare.

That’s got to be one of my favorite aspects of a cultural tour such as this, the food you get to try! Bratwurst, Greman beer, and Stoop Wafels all day!

Companies such as BASF, Bayer AG, Siemens AG, Mercedes-Benz, and Schaeffler’s and more will have interactive exhibits of guests to participate in when they visit. I love that they are bringing out family-friendly programming as well.

Events like this one are an excellent way for those that may not have the means to travel to Germany a chance to learn about the culture and area in the comfort of their own city. The tour kicked off in Chicago and after Atlanta will head to St. Louis, Missouri and then a final stop in Portland, Oregan. The year-long tour has 1,500 events planned across the country.

To see a detailed list of events and exhibits, check out the WunderbarTour website.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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