Jumping Back Into Our Routine

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I need a day of recovery after any vacations. The Disney Hangover is a really thing you guys. After arriving home on Sunday night, I jumped right back into our routine to getting the girls up and ready for school. I looked like a zombie while I was getting my teeth brushed and making sure they had socks on with their shoes. I managed to get some yogurt in my stomach before heading out to carline. 

Thank goodness the girls know the routine so they can help me out in the morning. They use Tom’s of Maine to get ready in the bathroom. They love the Strawberry Toothpaste. We also try to keep our personal care products close to nature as well. All those crazy ingredients that you can’t even pronounce just seem scary. Offering natural and organic products for the eco-conscious family, like Tom’s of Maine. I have everything in their line, my favorite being the mouthwash and the new Luminous White toothpaste. It is their most advanced natural whitening toothpaste that is safe for enamel and is gluten and paraben free.


The kids like eating Stonyfield in the morning. The new sidecar cups are our favorite, and I like to throw the YoKids Squeezers into their lunch boxes. Moming like a pro! Awesome Kids Lunches - Rock The Lunch

It was so sweet when I went into their room this morning because I flew in late yesterday morning, so they were asleep when I got home. When I woke them up for school, they were so surprised to see me. I got big hugs from my little one. She said to me, “Hey! How’d you get here?” I replied, “I flew home on a plane last night.” 

“Oh wow, Mommy you surprised me! I missed you so much” she said as she gave me a huge hug. photo-nov-01-7-01-25-pm

I missed those little stinkers. While visiting Walt Disney World was a total blast with my girlfriends, but there was a day that I wished they had been there with me. Glad I’m home now to snuggle them. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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