Kid Chef Bakes for the Holidays – Book Review

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My girls love to bake and the Kid Chef series of cookbooks are some of our favorites. I was so excited to hear about my good friend Kristy Richardson of On My Kids Plate wrote the latest copy, Kid Chef Bakes for the Holidays! Kristy has been sharing fun kid-friendly recipes for kids on her blog for years and not she has this amazing collection of recipes to share with kids to try and make at home in this great new cookbook.
Bursting with delicious recipes perfect for young bakers (ages 8-12), Kid Chef Bakes for the Holidays makes sure you’ve got something tasty to share at every special occasion. From everyday recipes for birthdays to themed recipe for tons of holidays, there is something for everyone in this cookbook. If there is one thing that we do the most, its bake for the holidays. Any excuse to celebrate is an excuse to bake something fun to eat. We are suckers for a themed recipe. We have a bunch here on JaMonkey!Kid Chef Bakes Holidays
The book is not all recipes though. You will also find a ton of baking tips and lessons for little learning chefs. Baking is all about experimenting. I like to think about it as a tasty chemistry experiment. There are great basic baking needs to get kids started in the kitchen. Even down to the specific pans, you can find for baking. 
Kid Chef Bakes for the Holidays


Here are some of my favorite recipes in the book that we can’t wait to try. 

  • April Fools Day Tostada Cookies
  • Shark Attack Cheesecake 
  • Apple Crisp Pizza Party
  • Feeling Prickly Cactus Cupcakes

All of the recipes are mouth-watering and when the girls looked over the cookbook they couldn’t decide what they wanted to try first. I’m pushing for the Apple Pizza though. There is something about having a physical copy of a cookbook to visualize and go through. Having a cookbook gives you great ideas to choose from to find just the right recipe. Kids are really going to love it! 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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