Kidpik Clothing Box Review and VIDEO

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Kidpik Clothing Box Review and VIDEOWe got to review a fun new box that includes girls clothing! It’s called Kidpik, and it is designed for girls in sizes 4 -14. Everything is handpicked for your daughter after you complete the style profile.

kidpik offers four frequency options:
-One pik per season (4 per year)
-Two piks per season (8 per year)
-One pik per month (12 per year)
-One pik (one time)

I love the idea of a seasonal box so you can get clothes that change with the weather and the current trends.

Here is the video of us opening both of our boxes for JaMonkey and Squish.

Both girls really loved that green dress. That was their favorite item for sure. I was also really happy to see that they offered shoes inside the box. Peanut got some boots, and she has been wearing them a lot lately. The velvet skirt was my favorite item from the box. It is super soft and has a cute bow on the front of it. enlight1-5.jpg

We ended up sending some of the stuff back because it just wasn’t their style or it didn’t fit quite right. The box comes with a return bag with the label already on it to make it easy. Same applies to exchanges also. If something doesn’t fit you can send it back for a better size and they will make a note of it in your profile for future boxes as well.  enlight1-4.jpg

This picture made me laugh because of how sassy she was being while we were taking pictures and filming. She is such a tween now. enlight1-3.jpg

If you decide to keep the whole box, you get 30% off the price. These boxes were around $100 each and included seven items (eight if you count the kidpik bracelet and coloring book). It’s always cheaper to keep the whole box. We really like this box, and I think I’ll subscribe to the seasonal box, I just need to fine tune our style profiles to make sure the skinny jeans and sparkles are left off. The girls weren’t digging them, so they got sent back.

They also offer an online store to the kidpik Basics. You’ll find great basics like pants, shirts and more.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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