KidStir Monthly Cooking Box for Kids

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KidStir asked me to test out their super awesome monthly box service for kids with my daughter because she loves to cook. To say she was excited about her new box is an understatement. If I’m baking things in the kitchen, she is underneath me asking if she can help. Even if it means just stirring or dumping in the ingredients. We’ve already established my love of monthly subscription boxes, They are such a great surprise each month and the kids boxes get the kids excited about getting their own mail. 

The KidStir Welcome box comes with a cookbook that your child can put their name on to start collecting recipes. Inside there are tabs for different sections like appetizers, desserts, etc but no recipes. These come with each new box. Inside our welcome box we received two new recipes to add to our cookbook. We also received a few items that would help us create the recipe. The first was an artist silicone brush and then a set of paper straws with some fun cut outs to glue to the straws to make them silly straws. 

Each recipe has detailed directions about how to use new tools in the kitchen. JaMonkey loved this box and is really looking forward to getting a few more to fill her cookbook with new recipes. This is a great way to get kids to eat and try new foods. If you have picky eaters, let your kids pick out foods at the grocery store and help make them in the kitchen. You’ll have much more luck getting them to taste them if they did it themselves. If all else fails, read Green Eggs and Ham.KidStir Monthly Cooking Box for Kids

Check out our full video all about the KidStir box and what came inside. We even show you how we made the recipes. 

Grab a KidStir box for yourself! It’s only $19.99 a month. They also have some great DIY ideas that you can do with kids in-between waiting for your next box to arrive. 

 Get their aprons! 
JaMonkey’s Princess Apron Set and Peanut’s Queen of The Kitchen Apron Set

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. KidStir looks awesome! My seven-year-old wanted to take cooking lessons this summer, but that didn’t quite happen (classes were filled). The Kidstire monthly cooking box would be perfect for her to learn at home. I love it!


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