LaLaLoopsy Now at Build-a-Bear

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A couple weeks ago we visited the Build-a-Bear store for the launch of the new LaLaLoopsy dolls that are now available. We’ve never stuffed a plush before so this was a fun new experience that I took Peanut to. 
LaLaLoopsy Dolls at Build a Bear

They have two new dolls, Crumbs and Peanut, I let her pick out which one she would want to stuff, it was pretty funny that she choose Peanut. IMG_9829

We got to hang out with mittens also during the party. The kids were all pretty freaked out but eventually warmed up to her. LaLaLoopsy Dolls at Build a Bear

The process to stuff the LaLaLoopsy dolls is a little different from other Build-a-Bear characters because they follow the story of the dolls and how their last stitch brings them to life. So after they make a wish on the little heart and place it in the doll, they fill her with fluff and tighten her stitches. But they leave the last stitch for the child to complete to make it more magical. 
LaLaLoopsy Dolls at Build a Bear

After they have completed stuffing her, the kids can “wash” them off with the wind scrubber. Peanut was excited to dress her up in her little outfit also. They come with cute little shoes and toys that are sold separately. LaLaLoopsy Dolls at Build a Bear

All the kids had a fantastic time making their LaLaLoopsy dolls at the Build-a-Bear store. We are planning on going back to fill our Crumbs doll soon. I’ll make sure to get a video of the process. The dolls are super cute and bigger than the bears and other characters in the store. They make a great snuggly toy. I’ve always loved the LaLaLoopsy dolls because of the cute button eyes. 

Lalaloopsy_Band-Together_ad_665×525[2]Also out now, is the new LaLaloopsy Band Together movie. The Lalaloopsy girls find that musical dreams do come true–when you get a little help from your very best friends in this sew-sweet movie!

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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