Laser Tag Fun At Home – ArmoGear Laser Battle Toy Review

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We are a family that loves to play laser tag anytime we go to a place that has it, so the idea of having our own set at home has always been on my mind. The ArmoGear Laser Battle set is perfect for our family. We have been having so much fun with this set.

Check out our unboxing video and review.

The girls have been playing with the Laser Battle set every day since we unboxed it. They have discovered fun new ways to play with it as well. We love that it gives you so many options and ways to play. ArmoGear Laser BattleThe set comes with four laser guns and four chest receivers. While each of them is color coded, you can change the colors of the guns and receivers, so if you want to play as teams, you can change them to one of the other colors to team up. The gun features a night vision LED light so you can see where you are aiming. The guns have a 150 ft. range.

Each gun has four different weapons.

  • Shotgun
  • Submachine Gun
  • Rocket
  • Pistol

There are lights, sounds, vibrations, and a human voice. There is also a cool feature that allows players to go “invisible” so you don’t see your opponent sneaking up on you. The chest receiver has elastic straps making it easy for anyone to wear it. The bottom straps of the ArmoGear Laser Battle receiver detach to make it easier to take on and off.

Each of the devices takes three AAA batteries to give you two hours of continuous gameplay.  I haven’t had to replace them yet though. I think as long as you turn them off after you play you can make the battery last longer.

Being able to play Laser Battle whenever we want is pretty awesome. The girls are super happy we got it, it’s getting used every day!

Snag your ArmoGear Laser Battle set here or on Amazon.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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