Layered Acai and Granola Smoothie Bowls

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Layered Acai and Granola Smoothie BowlsI am a Stonyfield Clean Plate Blogger. All opinions are my own. We love Stonyfield.
I’ve mentioned my new favorite obsession, smoothie bowls, a couple times now. It turns my simple yogurt breakfast into something more filling and packed with all kinds of yummy fruit and seeds. 
The protein smoothie bowl I made is all blended together, but this one I’ve left in layers because it’s beautiful. I’ve loaded it with my favorite Stonyfield greek yogurt, Nature’s Path Organic Qi’a (pronounced keey-ah), and a frozen acai banana blend. It’s topped off with some fresh fruit as well. 
Here is what you will need for this yummy breakfast:
1 banana, sliced and frozen
2 frozen acai packets (you’ll find them in the frozen section of a health or specialty store ) 
Stonyfield Greek Yogurt (Any flavor) 
Nature’s Path Organic Granola and/or Qi’a
Blend the frozen banana and acai packets together until thick and smooth.DSC_0175 (1)
Pour in a small bowl or cup. Next layer your favorite flavor of Stonyfield Greek yogurt over the acai smoothie.
Then, arrange your granola into a layer. I like blending my granola with Nature’s Path Organic Qi’a because it has hemp, chia, and buckwheat in it. It also has dried cranberries and almonds as well.  It adds a crunchy layer to make it more like eating cereal. 
Top it off with some fresh diced fruit. 
You may like to stir everything together right before eating. But I like dipping my spool in to get a chunk of each layer, kind of like the Stonyfield Oh My Yog! (drool, so good).
This makes a killer breakfast or a dessert in the summer time!
Layered Acai and Granola Smoothie Bowls

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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