LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System Class Party #LeapReaderClassParty

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DisclosureWe are big LeapFrog fans in my house. We have the LeapPad and the old LeapFrog Tag, as well as the newest LeapReader. So I was so excited to go into my daughters class and share the new LeapReader Reader and Writing system with them. She’s in Kindergarten this year so they are learning how to read and start writing words. The perfect age for the books that we were going to be looking at. 
LeapFrog LeapReader

The new LeapReader has fun new books and paper that you can bear down on and it marks on the paper. So we broke the class up into their normal centers had two children at a time come to my table were I got to show them how to use the LeapReaders and all the fun stuff we could do with them. We took turns between reading stories, tracing letters, playing games and then writing letters. LeapFrog LeapReader Class Party

The kids were able to spell out words in the Word Factory. They were able to write the word and then listen as it sounded out the word for them. There was also a fun game for them to play where they had to find the picture and then match it to the word. I was happily surprised to see that they were able to play these games with ease. LeapFrog LeapReader Writing

The kids liked the story books but all of them wanted to play with the writing books far more. They picked it up fast, almost too fast. The LeapReader was still giving directions as they were finishing the letter or even word! LeapFrog LeapReader Writing

It gives great direction for writing the letters. Starting with the red X and following the dotted line to the arrow. Then letting them free hand it. The kids also utilized the sound it out feature when they weren’t sure of a word. LeapFrog LeapReader Games

After practicing their writing they switched to reading the storybooks. My daughter loves it when the story is read to her but a lot of these kids were more interested in touching each word the read the story “themselves.” I was so surprised. These kids are very bright so I literally just showed them which button turned on the LeapReader and they went to town. LeapFrog LeapReader Reading

I thought one of the children were going to say, ‘Mrs. Meghan, I got this!” I’ll be going back to the school a few more times to give all of them a chance to play and learn. I ended up giving all of the books and a LeapReader to the class so they could make it station they can do every week! The teacher was so excited about this. LeapFrog LeapReader Class Party

It was great working one on one with the kids in my daughters class. Everyone had such a blast playing with the new LeapReader system. I think the class is going to see a great benefit to having it in their classroom. Here are some of the great videos I took of the kids as they played with the LeapReader. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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