Learn the Chemistry of Cooking with Yummy Crate from KiwiCo

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We are huge fans of the KiwiCo crates, so when they reached out about testing the new Yummy Crate, we were excited to see what was in store. The Yummy Crate teaches children aged 6 to 14 the chemistry of cooking.

While most of the KiwiCo Crates come with everything you need to make the project or activity inside, Yummy Crate is a little different because you’ll need to pick up food ingredients and use household kitchen items.

Check out our unboxing.

Yummy Crate is curated for kids ages 6 to 14, and pricing starts at $17.50 per month with 1/3/6/12 month options or $22.95 for the monthly subscription. Each box includes items to help with the recipes included. In our box, we got a burger patty press to help make the perfect shaped hamburgers. The only thing you won’t get in the box is the ingredients. This allows for flexibility in dietary restrictions.

One of the reasons I think the Yummy Crate is such a great addition to the KiwiCo line is the focus on chemistry. Aside from the great recipes, there are activities that explore hands-on experimentation in and out of the kitchen. The Yummy Zine dives deep into the cooking topic featured in the current box. I even learned something new. I had no idea that the Maillard Reaction even had a proper name.

The Maillard reaction is the tasty, toasty chemistry that happens when food meets heat. It helps give cooked dishes their yummy flavor, browned color, and irresitible scent.

Yummy Crate, Yummy Zine
Yummy Crate
Everything in the Yummy Crate we received.

Included in each KiwiCo Yummy Crate:

  • Portfolio of Recipe Cards: 3 delicious family-friendly recipes that teach kitchen skills and explore the science of cooking
  • STEAM Activities: 2 hands-on projects for more creative fun and learning in (and out) of the kitchen
  • Yummy Zine Magazine: Kid-friendly science, comics, history, and fun facts about food
  • Grownup Guide: Easy-to-use shopping list to customize your grocery needs for your family’s preferences

Even if your little ones don’t think cooking is engaging, KiwiCo has fun, engaging, and educational projects for everyone from toddlers and kids to teens and even adults!

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Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.


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