LEGOLAND – Epic 8th Birthday Day 4 Part 1

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If you’re just tuning in, start on Day 1 of our Epic 8th Birthday Celebration. Photo Nov 23, 11 37 14 AM

On the last day of our vacation, we got to visit LEGOLAND Florida! Everyone in the family was looking forward to this park because we are big LEGO fans, and who doesn’t get excited about a complete theme park built with them?Photo Nov 23, 11 47 26 AMIn December, they have the Christmas Bricktaculor, but because we were there in November the only thing up yet was the massive LEGO Christmas tree. Photo Nov 23, 3 24 24 PM

It was so cool seeing all the things around the park made out of LEGO’s. There are different lands around LEGOLAND just like there are lots of different LEGO sets. There is a new LEGO Friends section called Heartlake City, you’ll also find Pirate’s Cove and Duplo Valley. Photo Nov 23, 12 33 27 PM

The first thing we did was ride the double-decker carousel with the LEGO horses. I feel like LEGOLAND is geared more towards the younger crowd because most of the rides weren’t that scary. There were a lot of all ages and height rides also.  
Photo Nov 23, 12 57Miniland was really cool; it’s different cities around the world made out of LEGO’s. Some even had moving parts and water that sprayed out of them. The girls would run to each city and see what the button did at each one. 
Photo Nov 23, 12 57 22 PM

I think the highlight was the Star Wars area. My husband loved seeing all the characters and scenes from the movies. There were a lot of, “Wow! Mom come look at this” being said. I know I said it to my husband a few times. Photo Nov 23, 11 52 44 AM

Everywhere you turned, even in the restaurants, there was a place set aside for kids to build. I suggest bringing in your own lunch though, the food was your basic pizza and fried food options with a salad here and there. I saw families bringing in small coolers and lunch boxes that were just enjoying the nice weather with their lunch. You save money this way also. Photo Nov 23, 1 32 02 PM

I also loved the shops that they had in LEGOLAND. They had sets available that weren’t even released on their website yet available for purchase at the parks. We had a blast at LEGOLAND and look forward to visiting again sometime. Next time we will stay in their new hotel with themed LEGO rooms. 

Check out our final Epic 8th Birthday Adventure at the Gaylord Palms Resort.

We were provided with two tickets to visit LEGOLAND.

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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