Let’s Buy White… Said No Mother Ever

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My mother the artist, she brings out the colorful, artsy side of my children. When they visit with her I make sure to pack extra clothes. One time my mother encouraged them to color of the walls in a place that she was staying to make the walls more fun. Needless to say it took me a long time to break my oldest of writing on the walls and I still find little doodles every now and then. 

Every time the kids draw on something they aren’t supposed to I send my mom a picture and tell her that it’s all her fault. She gets a good giggle out of it. Like the time my oldest drew balloons with her name in them on the back of her bedroom door with a Sharpie, or the time she took the pumpkin carving kit and carved a picture into the drywall. But who’s keeping count!?  o_O

The other day my youngest decided that she was going to color on our dinning room chairs. 



Our newest artist has emerged. Should I frame it? #LittlePicasso #parenting #motherhood

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I didn’t panic because the chairs are just $10 covers from IKEA. I bought them because they are washable, but I still had to send the picture to my mom to show her that the next generation artist has emerged. Her text message back was priceless and I couldn’t stop laughing.


Me- This is your fault, I’m sure of it. 

My mother- Haha. I think I’ll buy white, said no mother ever. 

Me – Touché

She got me there. 

Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Oh man!! This totally made me laugh. My kids have had their fair share of major art debuts. Can’t say I’m ever thrilled about that, but you have a great attitude about it. We always know better, but sometimes we take the risk for something nice. Lesson learned!


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