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Hasbro sent us some awesome summer toys to play with, all opinions and views are my own.

Summer is officially over in terms of school summer break, but we had a blast this summer. I think that’s what made it fly by so fast. We had lots of fun adventures but when we were hanging out at the house. We had lots of fun toys to play with to keep the girls entertained as well. It helps to squash the summer boredom. It’s the worst sentence that you hear constantly all summer long. “Mom, I’m bored, there is nothing to do.” Despite rooms filled with toys already. It’s like needing a mini birthday or christmas, getting new toys to play with. I normally hide half of their toys and switch them out periodically to keep from hearing about their boredom. But Hasbro sent us a box of fun new toy s to play with this summer. It has some classics like Mrs. Potato Head and Play-Doh, but also some new games like the Disney Princess Pop-Up game. 

One of our favorite toys that we played with a lot this summer was our Nerf Super Soakers. We have a collection of Nerf guns that we play with inside the house, chasing each other around the house and sneak attacks. It’s great fun, but these super soakers allowed us to go crazy running around outside. 

Hasbro Toys

On those rainy summer days we broke out our Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head sets. The new Mrs. Potato Head is much smaller then the older version and she has legs now. The girls made some great funny faces that caused a fit of giggles for hours. “Look Mommy, her lips are in her ear!” 
Mrs. Potato Head - HasbroThe play dough always makes some interesting creations also. The girls loved all the great toys that Hasbro sent us. It helped make our summer fun and exciting. We were very grateful for the new toys to keep our summer fun and exciting. 

What did you do with your kids this summer? 



Share this post with friends! This post may contain affiliate links.

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