Luck Cast Get Silly in Latest Interview – Eva Noblezad and Flula Borg

We had the pleasure to sit down with Luck cast members Eva Noblezad who voices Sam Greenfield, and Flula Borg, who voices Jef the Unicorn, to discuss their new film coming to AppleTV+ on Friday, August 5th.

What characters besides your own do you relate to the most in the film and why?

Eva Noblezad – I relate to Bob the cat. I also love sandwiches. I also have thumbs. I also sometimes deflect but ended up really liking hugs. And also, I just like him, he’s very cute.

Flula Borg
I relate the most to…it’s not just because she’s sitting there in a very nice outfit. I enjoyed Sam very much. This was my favorite character because she is also a human person. I am a human person. Unlike my character, I do not have one horn. Unlike Simon Pegg’s character, I do not pee in private and poop in a private and strange box. I do it in a normal location. I assume Sam does as well. So we relate the most. Final answer.

In terms of luck, if you could choose good luck to have on any day, whether it’s to always get ice cream or to always have green traffic lights, what would your good luck be?

Eva Noblezad – I think we already have it all the time. But I probably would choose if you’re asking for a specific thing to not be bloated, ever. That’s what I would like. I don’t know if that even answered your question, but it’d be nice to not be bloated for more than five minutes. I just want longer than five minutes.

Flula Borg
I recently flew in a plane and they are loaded with blow-tation devices. I’m happy to give you one if you want if that had so Eva, just let me know. Pick one up on the way home by home. Don’t ingest expired meats. I guess I’d like to check expiration dates and hope that they’re right. So don’t lie so I can eat fresh food. I have no real answer. I can’t believe I’m alive. That makes me very lucky. As stupid as I am. How am I still here on the earth? Who knows? But I’m grateful.

I’d love to know what attracted you to the roles that you played in luck.

Eva Noblezad – I love the chance to have a job. That’s so wonderful. And thank you to the team of Luck for giving us these jobs because we really enjoyed them. I liked the idea of this character. And I thought she was relatable and human and very, has a cute outfit on. And I’ve never done animation before auditioning. So I was like, if I was able to be a part of this, it’d be my first time doing animation. That’s awesome.

Flula Borg – Excited to be playing Jeff the unicorn because he has many special skills. My only special skill is somehow staying alive shout out Saturday Night Fever BJs. Jeff has actually skills he can build things. I won’t tell you what, in order to find out what watch Luck on Apple TV plus streaming everywhere 100 countries.

Has either of you had a lucky rabbit’s foot or something that you came across that you believed in, that brought you some type of luck or have faith in that made things happen for you the way that you expected them to?

Eva Noblezad – If I came across a rabbit’s foot without any context I’d be really scared. But I carry around a stone with me that I got a few years ago that has a word on one side of that a picture on the other in the story about that it’s really magical. So I carry that with me because the experience of getting that was so so lovely. And I felt lucky in that moment. So it’s just it’s a nice reminder to have it with me at all times. But I don’t know if it brings me luck. But I do believe in manifestation attracting what you would like in your life

Flula Borg – I once found a rabbit’s foot. It was attached to an actual rabbit. It hopped away. I chased it for 32 meters. And then I saw a $1 bill, and I kept it. So that was a wonderful experience involving Rabbit’s feet, luck, and money.

Do you relate to your character Sam? 

Eva Noblezad – Well, Sam grew up in the foster care system. I did not, so I can’t relate to her in that way. But I can definitely relate to Sam’s character because she’s still growing up. She’s still very young. I can relate to her optimism and kind of beautiful naivety of maybe some of the things in the world. I don’t know if there’s a lot I can relate to her about. She also was the cutest little kid that little clip of her when she’s younger. She was so cute. I know there’s a lot of things that can relate to Sam about but, I think we had different childhoods, but I think we would have been friends. I absolutely think we would have been friends as kids.

What was your favorite part of recording was there a funny behind-the-scenes moment that happened? Or your favorite part of the movie?

Eva Noblezad – If you had no context and just watched me record the lines, you would have thought I was crazy. Because it doesn’t make any sense, really. But I think one of my favorite scenes, without giving too much away, is when you see the bunnies for the first time. The little bunnies. Peggy, our director, was telling me that they’re going to be bunnies, and she showed me a little picture. And I was like, ‘That’s so cute. I would absolutely buy that toy.’ And then when you see them in the movie for the first time, I got really excited because I think they’re really cute.

Flula Borg – The whole film recording experience is behind the scenes. We don’t see really anything until the very end. We have no clue what’s going on. It’s like you’re going blind blindfolded through a Taco Bell drive-thru; you say some words. And at the end, something very delicious comes out. But you had very little to do with it. You just said some words. Everyone did the magical magic, and you show up, and you love it.

Eva Noblezad as Sam in Luck on AppleTV+
Eva Noblezad as Sam in Luck on AppleTV+

Eva, you have a lot of experience as a theater performer and you’ve been on Broadway. You got to sing in this as well. Was that always a part of the story? Or did they add that just because they knew you were so talented?

Eva Noblezad – Oh, I won’t make that assumption. But I  do know that they added it after we had started recording most of the movie. So I think most animations have that little musical moment. So I think it was really nice that they added that.

Flula Borg – I actually had a song as Jeff I started singing Too Legit to Quit by MC Hammer for no reason whatsoever. I demanded that Peggy put it in the movie. She refused. And I immediately said great decision.

If you film any one of the scenes live action, which scene would it be?

Eva Noblezad – Live action? Probably anything with the dragon? Because I want to see a dragon in real life. I would I have so many questions. I would like to meet a dragon in real life

Flula Borg – Stole my answer. So I will now invent a second answer that is less interesting than that one. I would like to visit Jeff, the unicorns office. It seems like he lives and works in a very cool place. I would like to see, is there a plug? Can I unplug this stuff? How do I inject it into my own laptop? I don’t know. Anyway, the real answer is the first one dragons. Hello?

What was your luckiest moment in life?

Eva – Being born?

Flula Borg – It may sound familiar to you? One time I saw a rabbit’s foot connected to an actual rabbit, it hopped 32 meters, and then I found a $1 bill. Chalupa

Flula, do you have a preference for doing live acting work over voice work?

Flula Borg – Animated stuff is the most fun the wardrobe is literally whatever you like, so you don’t get canceled. You can eat whatever you like at any time. You can also say anything, and if it doesn’t work, who cares? In live action, I can’t say ‘hey, what if we had that spaceship do five flips.’ There is no spaceship. Just say it, we try it out. I love that

Eva, what was it like for you to do voice acting for the first time?

Eva Noblezad – I always prefer work, but they’re so different. I don’t really prefer one or the other. I’ve never really done a live-action movie before. I’ve done a movie. When someone says live-action, I think of immediately of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. I’ve never done that. I would love to do an action movie. But I like all of them because they’re all fun. All different types of performing and putting on a costume and making people cry or laugh. I think it’s all fun.

Flula, you’ve voiced a lot of different creatures and animations like unicorns to trolls. So if you could voice any creature, what would it be?

Flula Borg – I would do a flying triceratops, who can also do the running man shout-out and backflash to MC Hammer. This would be very exciting, because he could then also do some spinning using the three horns. Unicorns are great. But if you’re a try horn. holy cow, talk about the parking spaces you could fit into.

If either one of you could play a different character in the same film, who would it be and why?

Eva Noblezad – Well, in this film, you didn’t see this character, but there was a fairy who had a billion dollars and lived her life doing whatever she wanted. And no one had to tell her what to do. That was my favorite character. I would like to do that in real life.

Flula- This character is in the Director’s Cut. Is that correct? Get that Blu-Ray. My answer would be the meow meow. Listen, if I can be a Scottish cat. I just feel like everything would taste more delicious. With my accent, everyone is afraid for two paragraphs. Whereas with a Scottish person, everyone is delighted for at least eight stanzas. I’ll take that.

So in preparing for your roles, was there something in particular that you did every time before you got on the mic?

Eva Noblezad – Use the bathroom because you’re in there for a really long time. Don’t want to be uncomfortable, but also drink water. It’s a very easy job. Like we literally are standing there. You have your script right here. You have Peggy on the zoom. You have really great selection of snacks depending on what your manager asks for on your behalf. I had great little treats, apples, and water. And it was great. There’s very little prep. Just come excited, I guess.

Flula Borg – I hire Rudy Trussell, my hype man. He’s from Yugoslavia. He comes out, and he just really kills it. He just gets everyone hype. Everyone’s dancing. Peggy’s going crazy. She’s doing the towel and the circle thing. And then as everyone’s crying and she said the fog comes then I kind of jump in. I’m wearing a cape. I’m wearing two capes, so it looks [cool] ‘Oh no, but then there’s a second cape!’ I don’t know why I put them on the front. That’s just how I wear my capes, and then BOOM, it happens. No snacks. Your manager gave you snacks! Luck AppleTV+

From Apple Original Films comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world, who when she stumbles into the never-before-seen Land of Luck, sets out on a quest to bring some good luck home for her best friend. But with humans not allowed, her only chance is teaming up with the magical creatures who live there to do it. “Luck” is produced by Skydance Animation.

Apple Original Films’ “Luck” features the voice talents of stars Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Flula Borg, Colin O’Donoghue, John Ratzenberger and Adelynn Spoon. The animated feature is directed by Peggy Holmes from a screenplay by Kiel Murray, with John Lasseter, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and David Eisenmann producing for Skydance Animation.

Meghan Cooper
Meghan Cooper
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